October 28, 2021

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Asset Tracking Management Systems Is Essential for Hospital Administrators

asset tracking management systems can provide many benefits to companies. For example, real-time asset tracking systems can provide a company with up-to-date information about their assets, even when the devices are not in sight. This means that a company does not need to worry about tracking down a lost asset in the middle of the night when it would otherwise be easy to locate. By using vehicle tracking software and a real-time portal, a business can manage all its assets, even those that are located off-site. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits of using asset tracking management systems.

Efficient and effective

One of the benefits of using asset tracking management systems is saving money and time. When an incident occurs, first responders can take advantage of handheld devices that contain GPS technology and access the location and identity of the device’s user in almost real-time. This means that first responders can quickly identify the source of the emergency, which makes them more efficient and effective. Real-time data can help first responders plan their responses and determine the best course of action for their department or office.

Reducing the cost of maintenance

Another way that real-time tracking technology can benefit fleet managers and business owners is by reducing the cost of maintenance. Most vehicle tracking devices contain an emergency beacon or pager that automatically goes off if the unit is moved beyond a certain range. These pagers can also contain detailed reports, which allow fleets and companies to understand the value of their assets and the frequency of maintenance checks.

The benefits from asset tracking can extend to business owners themselves. One of the primary benefits is the time saved during an incident. Typically, it takes fleet managers several days to gather the relevant information needed to pinpoint the location of the problematic unit. By using real-time tracking, managers can gain access to the location within a matter of minutes. In some cases, such as when an engine is disabled or damaged, locating the problem may require changing the course of action or contacting a professional repair company. With this time saved, managers can devote more time to ensuring their operations run smoothly, and everyone is safe and happy.

Provide reports immediately

Asset tracking solutions also provide benefits to the individual who owns and operates their fleet. In many ways, managing multiple vehicles, maintaining records of fuel and vehicle maintenance, and tracking mileage is easier when operational tracking solutions are involved. Rather than having to manually check each piece of data to ensure it is accurate or to make necessary repairs, tracking solutions can provide useful reports immediately. Moreover, when an engine is down or completely stolen, fleet managers can use the reports to determine why the vehicle was disabled and report the information to their company, which helps them to prevent future incidents. Managing fleet operations more efficiently and accurately ultimately benefits everyone.

Asset tracking management systems for healthcare facilities

Asset tracking management systems are beneficial to healthcare facilities. Many facilities depend on their patients for constant medical care, and the efficiency of their healthcare operations is often tied to the amount of time it takes for patients to be transferred between treatment areas, and physicians and nurses can provide effective care. Real-time location data provided by the device tracking can help healthcare facilities including:

  1. Reduce the number of time patients spend waiting on floors or in reception areas, which can be an enormous distraction and can affect a facility’s level of service and satisfaction with patients.
  2. Reducing patient transfer times
  3. Provide physicians with more detailed information about the condition of patients, which can help them prescribe the best possible treatment options.

Asset tracking systems for health care organizations

Asset tracking systems developed by leading manufacturers are incredibly valuable to hospitals and other health care organizations, but several leading manufacturers have developed solid tracking systems that are recognized throughout the medical industry. MSA and Caremark are two of the world’s leading manufacturers of monitoring devices and medical software. These tracking systems are known for their ease of use, extensive capabilities, and superior reliability, and both companies’ products are highly regarded throughout the medical community.