January 23, 2022

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Compensation figures for coaching staff revealed

Virginia Tech released compensation figures for its football staff Friday morning. The 10 on-field assistants will make a total of $5.225 million, nearly the allotted $5.5 million new head coach Brent Pry had to work with. Offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen will make the most out of all the assistant coaches, set to pull in $850,000 a year on a three-year contract. Defensive coordinator Chris Marve is also on a three-year contract, worth $825,000 per year.

Other notables include offensive line coach Joe Rudolph on a three-year, $725,000 contract and defensive recruiting coordinator/cornerbacks coach Derek Jones, on a two-year $550,000 contract. The only other coach on a three-year contract is special teams coordinator/assistant head coach Stu Holt, who will make $500,000 per year.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience putting the staff together,” Pry said Thursday afternoon when meeting virtually with members of the media to discuss his coaching staff. “I know people been anxious. So, I appreciate that and appreciate you all (media) jumping on today. Just wanted a chance to give a few updates before we dive into this, with junior fay this weekend and get the staff out on the road starting tonight. But I’m super excited about this group. I promised myself and others that I trust in this profession that I wouldn’t be hasty. That was the advice given to me that I wanted to do and I was able to stick to the gut, stick to my guns and make sure that we hired the right people that are going to mentor this football team and represent us in this community, in this state and represent Virginia Tech.”

Pry said it was important to take his time in assembling the staff.

“I’m super excited about the guys we were able to get to join us,” he said. “I told the staff this morning I appreciate the trust in the alliance and commitment to myself into Virginia Tech. It was important in this process to get coaches that will fit Virginia Tech. Just really important to me that the men and women we hire identify with Tech and what’s so special about, and it being the same reason that I was hired. So that was important to me. I think they complement one another. They make us better. The right blend of experience and philosophy. Then the trust in their character and commitment to this program. We’ve got some old hats, we’ve got some young hats. I think the young guys we’ve hired are highly intelligent with a strong football IQ and a really high ceiling. Then there’s some great experience to couple with that. We have guys that can kind of play off of one another in the recruiting process. That was always factored in.”

On the list of priorities for Virginia Tech’s coaching staff were recruiting pedigree and excitement to be at Virginia Tech.

“I wanted to hire men that would be excited about the opportunity at Virginia Tech,” Pry said. “I didn’t hire anybody that wasn’t thrilled. But those that recognized the opportunity to be here and what it can do for them personally and how they can help Virginia Tech. That was a crucial, critical component to it as well.”

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With a complete on-the-field staff set, Pry will now turn his attention to bolstering his support staff.

“We still have a few support staff positions left to hire, but we’ve been able to have hired some very smart and talented people in leadership positions,” Pry said. “Michael Villagrana, Michael Hazel and Dwight Galt IV are some of those department heads, that to me are critical in aligning the rest of the staff.”

VT Scoop’s Evan G. Watkins contributed to this report.

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