January 23, 2022

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Dragon Ball Super’s Big Green Lantern Fight Would Make DC Jealous

Dragon Ball Super’s latest arc sees two characters with powers similar to Green Lantern brawling, and their fight would make DC jealous

Warning: contains spoilers for Chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super

The world of Dragon Ball Super is known for its larger-than-life fights, and its latest involves two characters with powers very similar to Green Lantern. More than just a typical Lantern Vs. Lantern clash as frequently seen in the pages of DC Comics though, this battle shows exactly what makes Dragon Ball’s brawls so thrilling.

Ever since the series’ Granolah the Survivor arc started, fans have followed the titular threat as he seeks revenge against Goku and Vegeta. Granolah’s race, the Cereleans, were slaughtered by the Saiyans, leading Granolah to do anything to avenge his people. This included teaming up with the traitorous Heeter group to find and use his planet’s two Dragon Balls. When he did, he wished to become the universe’s strongest fighter, but at the cost of his life force. With this power, he easily trounced his two Saiyan opponents but was stopped from killing them by his mentor who revealed that Goku’s father actually saved Granolah from the Heeters. This led the Heeters to copy Granolah’s wish for their member Gas, making him even stronger than Granolah. Gas caught Granolah and the two Saiyans by surprise, using Green Lantern-esque light constructs to decimate his foes. However, knowing he’s outmatched, Vegeta gives his last senzu bean to Granolah.


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Now, in Dragon Ball Super’s 79th chapter, Granolah faces off against Gas. It’s a battle of experience vs. raw power, as Gas creates countless weapons out of energy to hurl at his Cerelean enemy. Swords, spears, giant shurikens, and even a massive wrecking ball are all wielded by Gas to try and kill Granolah. Granolah is able to use Instant Transmission to dodge most attacks, though even that technique isn’t enough to completely save him from Gas’ onslaught. Eventually, Granolah realizes the flaw in Gas’ fighting style, that he’s only relying on techniques he was familiar with. Whenever Gas uses powers he only gained after his wish, they’re sloppy, giving Granolah a small opening to beat Gas’ unparalleled strength.

Dragon Ball Super Gas Granolah Fight

On a visual level alone, the fight is impressive. The manga’s artist, Toyotarou, makes each hit feel impactful. Though Gas’ weapons are energy constructs, much like a Green Lantern’s, they never look weightless. Granolah and Gas’ expressions always sell each blow too, really making readers believe that these are the universe’s two most powerful fighters having an epic brawl. Additionally, Gas uses his conjured weapons in ways that always keep Granolah and readers on their toes and trying to guess his next move. It’s all these little elements that come together to make the fight a cut above most Green Lantern fights seen in DC Comics.

None of that is to diminish the many cool aspects of Green Lantern. The DC Universe has different rules than that of Dragon Ball and a knockout brawl like the one Granolah and Gas have in this chapter just wouldn’t make as much sense with a character bound by human limitations and endurance like Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Still, it’s difficult not to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super and wonder what a fight between two overcharged Green Lanterns would look like.

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