October 16, 2021

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Experts of Digital White Labels reveal the future trends of SEO!

10 SEO Trends For Better Quality Traffic in 2021

If you open Google and search ‘SEO trend’, and filter the results using the time tool with a range somewhere between 2011, you’ll see something strange. There rarely are articles discussing deep learning, BERT, or A.I. But if you really observe then you’ll also find that there are things which are still around. Why? Because some things are fundamental to our nature. For example, you’ll find that people back then were still talking about the quality of content, links, keywords, etc. But things keep on evolving, and SEO is no different. Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company and we discussed the future of SEO with their experts. 

The future we might see in SEO!

SEO is simply a book having rules and guidelines about how things should be to better serve the netizens. Indeed, you want to rank higher, but this should not cost those users coming for some help. This as for now is Google’s main focus. Google calls it UX. And although we still are seeing updates related to it coming now, like Core Web Vitals, more will come in the future. Here is what we can see for now to be growing and guiding the internet world.

The BERT code:

Vague, right? Well, it is a technology that tries to understand the context behind a sentence or query. It works on semantics using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning). It was introduced for the purpose to better understand the intent behind the query and thus serve it the right results over SERP.

Then it will go through its learning mechanism and try to understand that your cool does not really mean the temperature. And this wil help it serve you better. Or suppose you search for “how does coffee charge body?” There it will try knowing that you really do not mean charge in that sense.

Voice Search:

Voice search is growing, and it will grow further. Who would want to type when you can speak and ordain? Speaking is dear to us humans. It makes us feel closer to the person we are talking to. Science has it that we feel eased when we speak to someone or something. This is why voice search is going to become such a big hit. Any SEO service company will tell you to focus on voice search and mobile devices.

According to Think With Google, 20% of all the searches are now being done using voice. According to a study done by PWC, 7 in 10 users were preferring voice over typing. This comes to near 70%. It means that there is a hueg scope of growth in it.

Artificial Intelligence:

It is not something you are hearing for the first time. There have been sci-fi movies and shows about how A.I. will take over the world one day and you’d be left crying for help in vain. No. A.I. in Google is used to better understand the query and serve the person what he/she is looking for.

In future A.I. is going to be much smarter, and help search engines catch and kick blackhat users.

Core Web Vitals:

It was near May 2020 when Google announced that it would be using Core Web Vitals to decide the quality of the backlinks. Too many spam SEO agencies, says Digital White Labels, offer cheap links. This creates chaos over the internet by linking a bad quality website to many low quality websites.

The future would also assess the links to an extended level. This will look if the links are natural, reputable, and trustworthy. The purpose is to create a network of experts, who really know the things they are talking about, and avoid fraudsters.

Deep Learning:

Deep Learning or Machine Learning would be there with other technologies to understand the user search behavior. This learning will try to offer individual search experience. It is as if the internet knows what we are looking for and thus recommends our cravings.

Video SEO and Indexation:

Ever searched for something, got recommended a video at top, and that too having distributed in different clickable chapters or points in the video? This is indexation. Or if we go more technical, we call it Clip Video Markup and Seek Video Markup. YouTube has many videos that has chapters that you could skip to. It is the latest change in the video technology area. Digital White Labels recommend you divide your video at different changing points, or timestamps, and name them to optimize the video.

Google recommends a part of video in a search results, and even a whole video with key moments shown to the person. It helps the user to not get lost in the complete video and thus saves time.

Content Structure:

Content Structure and Passage Indexing is a way to cleanse the noise that is within the internet now. In simple terms it is a way to structurize your content so search engines could know which part of your content is about what subject.

If you have ever searched for something, got recommended a passage at top trying to serve you an answer, and you went away satiated after reading it, then know that it is because of content structure.

Google will now use NLP, ML, and A.I. to understand the exact meaning of each sentence, each passage, and each article. This is to save time for the user. If a user needs a part of an article against his query, then why to show him/her the complete article? For example, if a person comes to you asking about which mango is sweetest, you would not want to tell the person the whole science behind sweetness, breeds of mangoes, farming ways that impact sweetness, etc.

The evolution of RankBrain:

All relates to User Intent these days. Google is working hard on it. It was October 2015 when its use for the first time was confirmed. It uses Machine Learning and A.I. together. However, it is much more than this.

AMP and Mobile Friendliness:

In 2016 Mobile internet usage crossed that of Desktop for the first time. In 2021 the data stands at 54.8% for mobiles and the rest for other gadgets. This calls for our priority to be laid upon mobile experience. And thus Google started giving it value. It has clearly stated that mobile friendliness impacts SEO.

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an initiative taken by Google. This focuses on creating a technology apt enough to load pages on mobile at a faster rate. Furthermore, we will see many more technologies coming to serve mobile devices.

These above areas will see a great influx of science and technology. The main focus is to make Google intelligent, like a lord who understands what the person wants and who is wise enough to serve that person. Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company and its experts lay strong focus on these issues. They say people should already adapt to these things and stay updated to how things go.