January 29, 2022

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Gadgets: NAD C700 streaming amplifier easy to make sing

NAD’s C700 BluOS all-in-one streaming amplifier can be connected in minutes for music streaming, and you’ll be happy with it. But when you look into all the additional built-in features, everyone from non-tech heads to the most advanced will have no problem making this system sing.

The C700 is a perfect device to tie what most people have already: a TV, speakers, smartphone, Bluetooth devices, CD players and turntables. With BluOS, up to 63 zones can be created, or just one. And I’ll emphasize it’s not rocket science to get it set up. Some of the features built into the C700 are a HybridDigital USD Amplifier, two-way Bluetooth, support for music streaming services, and voice control for Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

If you are unfamiliar with BluOS (Android, iOS, macOS and Windows), as stated on their site, “it is a premium multi-room audio technology that lets you manage all your music and stream it to any BluOS enabled stereo system or speakers, using a phone, tablet or computer.” Since the C700 has BluOS built-in, the BluOS app is your control for streaming services, which is simple to use and does a great job.

The NAD C700 is a desktop unit with an aluminum chassis measuring 8.6-by-10.5-by-3.8 inches. A non-touchscreen 5-inch display and a control knob on the right are on the front, perfect for quick volume control. Dual stereo RCA inputs, Toslink optical fiber connector, digital coaxial inputs, ethernet, USB and an ARC-enabled HDMI are on the back. AC power is also connected in the back.

Even though there are multiple ways to connect and listen, it’s up to what you want to do and get out of it. A simple and easy start is a direct-wired connection with your speakers. And the two-way Bluetooth audio can be broadcast from a smartphone to the amplifier and out the wired speakers. Or with the two-way Bluetooth, streaming from a smartphone through the C700 to wireless headphones or wireless speakers.

If reading the number of ports and connections is intimidating, don’t let it be, because connecting everything is straightforward. In a nutshell, I found the C700 combines devices I already had into one source, which didn’t limit any mobility when I wanted to take devices with me.

For the tech heavy, some of the specs from NAD on the C700 include 80 watts x 2 channels into 8 or 4 ohms. HybridDigital UcD output stage can deliver up to 120 watts of instantaneous power for dynamic peaks and dual-band Wi-Fi.

https://nadelectronics.com $1,499.00

Scosche’s new ThudBuds true wireless earbuds are solid. No, they aren’t going to give you the sound quality and features of some of the top-of-the-line choices, but after using them for several days, I can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t like them.

The sound is decent with TWS Plus technology, with a built-in equalizer, especially for the $59.99 price. Inside is Bluetooth 5.0 for instant and straightforward pairing before each use. Hands-free calls were no problem with the built-in microphone.

The ThudBuds include detachable magnetic sport clips, which provide security to keep them in your ears for any use including running, and biking. Ambient pass-through is also helpful when using them in public to let you hear sounds such as street noise.

ThudBuds are built with a protective rubberized coating and an IPX7 waterproof and sweat-proof rating. They run for six hours before a charge is needed in the wireless charging case, which provides another 30 hours. A standard wireless charging pad (not included) can charge up the case or with the included USB-C cable.

www.scosche.com $59.99 available in black or white

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This story was originally published January 12, 2022 5:30 AM.

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