October 18, 2021

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Google TV Gets Personalized Profiles: Here’s How They Work

With personalized profiles on Google TV, you can keep your viewing history, content recommendations, and watchlist separate from others.

Google's new Watch With Me celebrity suggestion series on a TV in the home.

Google TV now supports personalized profiles. If you share your TV with other people in your home, this feature is going to be very welcome. It means that everyone gets their own contained Google TV profile which they can personalize to their liking.

With Google TV’s personalized profiles, you will get TV show recommendations based on your viewing habits and the ability to maintain a personal watchlist.

What Are Google TV Profiles?

As detailed by Google on The Keyword blog, you can create a Google TV profile for every member of your family who watches TV. This way, you can make sure that their viewing history and associated preferences don’t collide with yours; everything will be isolated.

To create a new Google TV profile, you must sign in with your Google account. This allows Google TV to pull in your preferences and viewing habits and make recommendations based on that.

Your login details across various streaming apps and services sync automatically, so you won’t have to set up your profile from scratch.

What Are the Benefits of a Personalized Google TV Profile?

With Google TV profiles, you can set up a kids’ profile and allow the little ones in your home to watch movies and TV shows that are safe for them.

Google TV profile

Image Credit: Google

Another benefit of Google TV profiles is that you get your own personalized watchlist, which is synced across devices using your Google account—so using Google TV across multiple devices is a breeze.

Personalized Google TV profiles also support individual use of the Google Assistant. This means that when you ask Google, “What should I watch?” it will provide recommendations based on your viewing preferences and history.

Lastly, Google TV’s ambient mode will take advantage of profiles to show the latest sports scores, weather, news, and more based on your interests. This feature will initially only be available in the US.

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Profiles In Google TV Are a Useful Addition

Google TV Profiles is a valuable addition to the platform to help ensure your viewing preferences remain yours and are not influenced by what your family members watch. Considering the home screen of Google TV is all about your viewing history, personalized profiles are essential.

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