October 16, 2021

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Halo Infinite Grappling Hook Quickscope Is A Tech Preview Highlight

Halo Infinite players are still making their way through its tech preview, with one using the grappling hook for an impressive flying quickscope.

A Halo Infinite player recently pulled off an incredible flying quickscope kill using the game’s grappling hook and a sniper rifle. With the full launch of the game scheduled for December 8, fans have been flocking to the playable tech previews to get a taste of what 343 Industries has in store for their popular series.

The latest tech preview for Halo Infinite is still ongoing, and it continues to be a wealth of gameplay footage and humorous bugs. From the return of Big Team Battle mode to a Halo Infinite bug that spawns endless wet floor signs with a grenade, people who have access to the tech preview are discovering more to do every day. On the other hand, some players are showcasing highlights of their skills as they experiment with the game’s new tools for combat.

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One example comes from Twitter user Monty, who posted a clip of an impressive quickscope during their time in the new training mode. By enabling the infinite charges setting for the grappling hook in training mode, Monty was able to grapple above the boundary of the map and pull off a lightning-quick sniper kill on the way back down. The kill was so fast, that one user commented, “That was amazing… I didn’t even see the target on the ground.” The grappling hook has been one of the most popular items available in the tech tests, with players even using it to swing around like Spider-Man in Halo Infinite.

Training mode has also proven to be a way to find exploits and bugs in the game, often with entertaining results. A few different findings have included driving vehicles without tires, re-adjusting grenade physics, and a major melee exploit that lets one punch as fast as they want for rapid kills. Interestingly, this current build of Halo Infinite is missing two big gameplay elements as well: friendly fire and player-to-player collisions. It’s not clear if those features will actually be omitted from the final game, though.

With so many people playing (and breaking) Halo Infinite in various ways during these tests, 343 is likely accumulating valuable data about the game that can be applied to the final release. It seems the tech previews are also drumming up plenty of excitement and interest in Halo, both among series veterans and potential newcomers. Judging by the accounts of almost everyone who has been lucky enough to try it before launch, Halo Infinite‘s near-year-long delay could be worth the wait.

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Halo Infinite releases on December 8, 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Monty/Twitter

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