October 28, 2021

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Lou Holtz told son Skip he made ‘stupid call’ in LA Tech football win

Louisiana Tech football head coach Skip Holtz heard some criticism from his father, Lou Holtz, after Saturday’s game. 

LA Tech beat Southeastern Louisiana 45-42 on Sept. 11. 

Lou Holtz didn’t like what he saw as Louisiana Tech tried to run out the clock in the final two minutes. 

Skip Holtz told the story of his father’s criticism on Monday’s radio show “Inside Bulldog Football with Skip Holtz.”

Lou Holtz, left, and his son, Skip Holtz, right, share a moment after Louisiana Tech’s win over Illinois on Dec. 26, 2014.

“I watched you. That was the first time I’ve really seen you make a stupid call,” Skip Holtz said of what his father told him.

“OK, which one was that, because I feel like I make a lot of them,” Skip Holtz said of his response.

“When you threw the ball at the end of the game,” Skip Holtz said of Lou’s response.

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