January 23, 2022

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Mawson is a leader in sustainable Bitcoin mining

for Mawson Infrastructure Group, Inc.

One company is not only preparing for the future of Bitcoin, but also setting the tone as an environmentally friendly, off-grid miner securing the infrastructure, pipeline and partnerships to propel it forward.

Mawson Infrastructure Group, Inc., a digital asset company and infrastructure provider, is poised for growth in 2022, garnering both the high-powered computers and green energy required to power Bitcoin mining machines through nontraditional means that save money — and the planet.

As one of the most sustainable Bitcoin miners on the NASDAQ, Mawson (NASDAQ: MIGI) predominantly focuses on wind, nuclear and hydro energy. But in order to meet and exceed expectations in the coming year, the company is coupling efforts to enhance its extensive existing green energy infrastructure and foster strong relationships.

Powered for more

Mawson’s diversified operations include cryptocurrency mining and digital asset management. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and operating in select locations throughout that continent and in the United States, Mawson’s rapidly expanding presence includes over 1 gigawatt of qualified power infrastructure pipelines.

Mawson currently operates its flagship facility in Washington County, Georgia, and a co-location facility with Compute North LLC in Kearney, Neb., and recently signed a new 100MW Bitcoin mining facility in Midland, Penn. Mawson also has its first facility operational in Australia – a 20MW bitcoin mining facility in Byron Bay, powered by 100% renewable biomass energy.

Adding to its mining fleet, Mawson recently purchased 4,000 of the latest generation ASIC Bitcoin miners — including 2,000 MicroBT M30S and 2,000 Canaan Avalon A1166/1246, this is on top of over 17,000 ASIC Bitcoin miners purchased in Q3 of 2021, taking Mawson’s fleet to over 40,000 Bitcoin miners globally.

Mawson’s growing mining fleet is expected to produce significant results.

For Mawson, the acquisition of these application-specific computers for mining Bitcoin is a big win that’s expected to produce big results: Mawson recently upgraded its targets from 3 Exahash, to 3.35 Exahash by Q2, 2022, and also brought forward its 5 Exahash target from “early 2023” to “early Q1 2023” – clearly illustrating their confidence in hitting these milestones.

“With the scale up of our existing facility in Georgia this year well underway, combined with securing our new facility in Pennsylvania, our team has been able to focus on securing additional Bitcoin mining hardware for deployment,” said James Manning, CEO and founder of Mawson. “This reflects our ‘infrastructure first’ approach to deployment where the Mawson team has been securing long-duration, sustainable energy facilities.”

The purchase of 4,000 latest generation ASIC Bitcoin miners moves Mawson closer to its corporate target of 5EH online by early Q1 2023. “We look forward to updating stockholders on our U.S. and Australian facilities in greater detail,” said Manning.

This marks another step toward Mawson’s goal of being among the largest NASDAQ-listed Bitcoin miners globally. Mawson aims to deliver stockholder returns while bridging today’s traditional capital market with the rapidly emerging digital asset industry.

As one of the lowest-cost producers of Bitcoin on the NASDAQ, Mawson has already experienced multi-billion-dollar success.

Future is Bitcoin bright

As Mawson expands its business globally, it will continue to improve its mix of energy sources.

Mawson’s operations currently use over 75% non-carbon emitting energy — including nuclear, hydro and wind. These off-grid energy sources partially power Mawson’s large-scale infrastructure and the big business of Bitcoin mining.

In October, Mawson announced the news of its first Australian site being powered by 100% renewable energy — thanks to a partnership with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a multi-billion dollar global green energy infrastructure fund. Here, Mawson will establish a new-generation modular data center specifically designed for Australian conditions, which will add approximately 0.4 EH to its global operations.

“Mawson is seeking to identify renewable energy projects which lead the transition to a decarbonized society, with a key focus on sustainable Bitcoin mining,” said Manning. “Quinbrook’s deep experience in energy and focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment principles made this first project an obvious choice.”

Mawson and Quinbrook have also identified a pipeline of renewable energy assets across Quinbrook’s portfolio in Australia and the U.S. where future sites could be jointly developed.

Mawson’s off-grid approach means using energy that is not connected to traditional power sources and instead focusing on green energy practices. This is critical because Bitcoin mining requires powerful computers to solve complex mathematical equations, which record transactions on the blockchain and release cryptocurrency.

This innovative company’s off-grid energy assets are paired with its industry-leading Luna Squares modular data center technology and high-performance computing to deliver high margins across its various operations. Mawson matches energy infrastructure with next-generation mobile data center solutions, enabling blockchain technology growth.

Mawson’s extensive green energy infrastructure and advantageous partnerships is set to be its greatest competitive advantages in 2022 — and beyond.

Discover all that Mawson Infrastructure Group, Inc., has to offer. Visit mawsoninc.com today.

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