August 9, 2022

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Ozark small business incubator looking for new startups

DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) – A small business incubator is an option for business startups with a low investment. It can lower start-up costs by close to 40 to 50 percent, while providing resources to help a business succeed.

They offer low-cost lease options on office spaces for start-up businesses. It’s also an opportunity to connect with local experts familiar with business startups.

“We have some community lawyers and financial experts, insurance experts that are willing to meet with them and give them a one-time consult,” said Holle Smith, Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Cooperation President.

While the incubator may not be perfect for a retail business start-up, it does serve a bigger purpose for a select group.

“It’s great for service businesses like manufacturing assembling, any type of office, small-business situation.”

About 85% of the businesses that started from the incubator still exist, which is a high success rate that Ozark and Dale County are proud of.

“Harris Security one of our largest businesses here in town did start out here. Harlow Media is another one. Global Star Aerospace is now in the Ozark Corporate Park and it was here before that — and also Save-a-Smoker.”

Generatinturnaroundg close to 25 more job opportunities within the community.

“The ultimate goal is to graduate those businesses into the community where they do contribute to our local economy.”

The turn around time in the incubators is fairly quick, businesses typically graduate between one and five years, growing about 400 percent during their stay.

If you would be interested in being a part of the incubator, you can call Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation at 334-443-2200. Your business will then go through an approval process from their board. They are looking to fill close to ten office spaces.

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