October 19, 2021

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Privok.in, an initiative towards A Renewable Green Energy Revolution

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Green energy is any energy that is generated from natural resources like the sun, wind, and water. Green energy is renewable in itself as it is produced from self-sustainable energy sources.

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As we move forward in time, people have been tapping into power generated by wind energy through windmills. Wind energy is not spreading toxic like fossil fuels and it is a clean power source. That is why we are looking forward to the formation of more wind energy-generating infrastructure like windmills.

India is also moving towards a green energy revolution, which ensures clean and efficient power resources. Our country wants to get rid of toxic carbon emissions caused by vehicles and also create independence from non-renewable energy sources like coal, petrol and other fossil fuels. As technology advances, the Electrical Vehicle industry is the most emerging Industry right. So in the near future, the development of more Electrical Vehicle charging stations in India will be most demanded.

Many big companies like Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai, Tesla, and others are already developing EV vehicles.

In this article, we are going to look at the ongoing green energy project by a company named “PRIVOK”. 

Privok has a unique green energy concept which aligns with the idea of cryptocurrency, another very hot topic in the market. Let’s see how Privok is making it possible to build a renewable green energy project using cryptocurrency crowdfunding source.

What is the PVK Token?

We have seen recently how effective the world of cryptocurrency has become. Since its inception, it has been created into a billion-dollar market. As the crypto market is expanding every day, most governments are accepting it and ready to legalize their country for the crypto market. So in near future after the share market, the crypto market is the only option for all people to earn huge profits in a short period of time. In India like we have SEBI for the stock market, in the near future, the Indian government will create an authorized main department for crypto marketplace regulations.

Privok’s CEO Paras Ajani has started green energy revolution mission. As we all knows in crypto currency mining huge energy is required, we can save it through sustainable or renewable energy sources replacement and utilize those saved energies on other important places.

Privok company works on wind-mill based renewable green energy. Currently, they are working on 3MW power generating capacity windmills.

They aim to expand the project upto 46.4 MW power generating capacity windmills, which will also provide an energy source for EV charging stations that will be called Privok Charging Stations.

To expand upto 46.4MW power generation they have launched ICO (initial coin offering) crowdfunding source on the crypto market.

Privok green energy coin or PVK token is inspired by Matic-Polygon and Pi Network. They are launching their own green energy and EV charging station crypto Token through Ethereum Blockchain Technology.

Why Ethereum blockchain? Well, it’s because the Ethereum blockchain is currently one of the most innovative transmission systems operating in the world.

With the launch of Privok ICO, their aim is to be listed among fewer companies that are successfully running renewable green energy cryptocurrency on the crypto market. PVK tokens symbolize green energy production and simplify the currently existing energy investment ecosystem throughout the globe. Privok company have unique green energy concept to utilized renewable energy resources with developing more EV charging stations. It may have more chances of PVK coin price increase on crypto market, so investors can earn good profit out of PVK coin.

With PVK Token, globally, any investor becomes a part of the EV charging station project expansion and gets the opportunity to become a partner of a fast-growing EV charging station company.

The PVK token has numerous features that allow every investor to buy it in a hassle-free way. As an investor, if you are looking for a sustainable market that gives you dividends and a stable market environment then buying PVK token is the best option. A PVK coin is totally based on the concept of green energy utilization on EV charging stations.

Privok Company has a great profit sharing ecosystem like the Buyback model, Dividend model. The company have decided 50% of the profit will be shared with investors and the remaining 50% will be utilized on EV Charging station developments. Investors can also have the opportunity to hold their PVK coin on an EV charging station and get a fixed return.

From “Privok.in” investors can become a part of Privok green energy network and buy PVK tokens. With Privok green energy network customers can get daily upto 50 free PVK coins and upto 900 free PVK coins as social media bonuses until their ICO launch.

As a surplus before the launch of their ICO, the company is giving a lucrative 25% bonus PVK coin to an early investor with a minimum $75 investment. Privok have next big green energy revolution project, so the company expecting many people will become a part of green energy revolution project and push to get huge success.

Privok ICO is expecting to launch after 210 days from launching. After the ICO launch, PVK coin will be listed on the most popular crypto exchanges like Binance, WazirX, CoinDCX and others.


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