May 27, 2022

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Spider-Man Fan Art Shows Why Ben Reilly is Cooler Than Peter Parker

Stunning Spider-Man art captures the determination of Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man in an all-new illustration that overshadows Peter Parker.

Ben Reilly is one of Peter Parker‘s many clones in the Marvel Spider-Man comics, however, a new fan art portrays the dobbleganger in a stunning image, showing him overshadowing his original copy. The cloned Spider-Man has gone through many iterations both good and bad over the years but still manages to be a fan favorite. The fan art sheds light on Ben’s newest costume design and role as the new Spider-Man.

Created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru, Ben Reilly debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #149 as the mysterious clone of Peter Parker. The result of a cloning experiment by Professor Warren, aka The Jackal, the clone wouldn’t return until Spider-Man #51 and in other issues including Web of Spider-Man #118, and Spectacular Spider-Man #223. Now the upcoming comic Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, releasing in January, focuses on the Clone Saga of the ’90s, during which Ben assumed himself to be the original Peter Parker/Spider-Man before it was revealed he was a clone. Miles Morales: Spider-Man recently wrapped up its own Clone Saga arc, which saw the young hero having to battle evil clones of himself.

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The Ben Reilly art was posted on Twitter by artist Sean Izaakse and displayed the independent nature of the superhero clone. The artwork features Ben wearing his newest Spider-Man suit from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75 with “Spider-Man” in huge neon pink letters behind the hero. In a serious fighting pose, the character’s scowl can be seen through his mask, and the word bubble text “Let’s go” sets the tone for Ben Reilly’s forthcoming role as Spider-Man.

The clone originally wore an identical suit to Peter Parker, but Ben’s costume got a redesign when he debuted as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118. The suit’s initial design was a red bodysuit, belt, and blue hoodie with the Spider-Man logo positioned on the far left corner. That suit would be a fixture of the wall-crawler until 2017’s Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #1 before changing to the classic Spider-Man design with the elongated symbol. The fan art embodies this design and more with the background lighting the stage for the clone’s new position as Beyond Corporation’s Superior Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man #75  reveals the intricacies of Ben’s new suit with updated features and gadgets that far surpass Peter’s suit.

As Amazing Spider-Man enters into its new Spider-Man Beyond arc, Ben Reilly is the official acting Spider-Man after Peter suffers an injury that puts him out of commission. Stepping up to the plate, Ben is more than ready to take on the responsibilities as Spider-Man. The fan art proves that Ben Reilly Spider-Man continues to remain popular in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics to this day.

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Source: Sean Izaakse

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