January 22, 2022

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Tech Crunch Tuesday: Home energy saving tips

Conserve energy while doing the laundry

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For this week’s Tech Crunch, we’re talking energy savings. Aside from watching that thermostat and turning off the lights, two of the biggest energy wasters in your home are the washer and dryer.

Even though most machines sold these days claim to be “high efficiency,” laundry guru Cyndi Bray has these tips: “Most of the energy used in the washing machine is used to heat the water. In fact, most of your clothes will be a lot happier if you wash them in cold. And they’ll last a lot longer. A lot of the detergents are formulated to work best in cold water. If you use warm water or hot water, it deactivates a lot of those enzymes,” Bray says.

And when it comes to the dryer, Bray says running it longer at a lower temperature is a huge energy saver.

By the way, Bray recently appeared on Shark Tank and landed a deal for her invention, Wad-Free. The little plastic square keeps you bed sheets from getting all “wadded-up” in the washer and dryer.   

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