October 26, 2021

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These are the 4 things I want from iPhone 13

Have I mentioned September is awesome? We’re getting closer to fall, which means NFL football is back. Pumpkin spice has arrived. And the tech industry is booming.

If you love video games, this month marks the beginning of the holiday season, where fans will see all the big titles landing on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Of course, it’s not September without a new iPhone. In an annual tradition, Apple announced a broadcast event Sept. 14 where the company will likely reveal the next iPhone.

It’s also a big deal if you already own an iPhone, because you essentially get a brand new device thanks to the next big update in iOS 15.

Since Tuesday is going to focus on hardware, it’s time to share the features I really want from the iPhone 13 (or whatever it’s eventually called):

1. A better battery

This one is kind of obvious, because who doesn’t want major improvements to battery life? But with every new iPhone comes a better processing chip, which means apps can draw some more processing capabilities from your smartphone as well as more juice from your battery. So, yeah, a better battery would be great.

2. Drop the notch

It’s nice Samsung’s latest smartphones having folding screens, but what also caught my eye were front-facing cameras placed under the display. I love the idea of a clean iPhone screen without that unsightly notch. (Related note: How many Android phone owners will be taking notes on which features the iPhone adds that Android has had for a while?)

3. Bring back the charging adapter

No, I am not calling for that tiny plug from earlier iPhone releases to attach your charging cable and power up your iPhone. I’d like a power brick closer to what you have for iPads but that supports the new USB-C friendly Lightning cables. We’re already spending quite a bit on these smartphones. Just throw in the adapter to boot!

4. Touch ID

I’ve never been a fan of logging in to my phone with my face, but I really enjoyed Apple’s use of Touch ID, where you could log in to the device or apps with a thumbprint (back when we had a Home button). It was super easy and elegant.

Readers, while you ponder what you want from iPhone 13 (let me know on Twitter), here’s some more tech news:

What else happened in tech?

A landmark ruling. A judge filed a permanent injunction forcing Apple to back off demands that app developers only go through the App Store for in-app purchases. It could mean big changes to how the App Store operates.

• Social media pushes back. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are fighting a Texas law that would crack down on them for allegedly censoring conservative speech.

• Facebook on my face. The social network unveiled smart glasses as part of a partnership with Ray-Ban. Here’s what it was like to wear them.

• More streaming price hikes. It’s Hulu’s turn for a price increase.

Game break

Fans of the PlayStation video game console know Insomniac Games very well. They make the popular Ratchet and Clank franchise, and wowed gamers with its recent take on Spider-Man. The studio’s next subject: Wolverine.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: iPhone 13: I want these 4 features from Apple’s next smartphone

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