October 28, 2021

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TTEC SYSTEM OUTAGE: Customer experience tech company experienced ‘system outage’

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A locally-based customer service and sales technology company with big name clients such as Bank of America and Verizon, allegedly experienced an incident that interrupted service on Sunday, KrebsonSecurity writer Brian Krebs reported.

According to a reader who passed on an internal message to Krebs, an email to certain TTEC employees discussed the status of a widespread system outage. Krebs attempted contacting the company but was unsuccessful getting through to anyone.

TTEC provided a statement to FOX31 that said:

“TTEC is committed to cyber security, and to protecting the integrity of our clients’ systems and data. We recently became aware of a cybersecurity incident that has affected certain TTEC systems. Although as a result of the incident, some of our data was encrypted and business activities at several facilities have been temporarily disrupted, the company continues to serve its global clients. TTEC immediately activated its information security incident response business continuity protocols, isolated the systems involved, and took other appropriate measures to contain the incident. We are now in the process of carefully and deliberately restoring the systems that have been involved.

We also launched an investigation, typical under the circumstances, to determine the potential impacts. In serving our clients TTEC, generally, does not maintain our clients’ data, and the investigation to date has not identified compromise to clients’ data. That investigation is on-going, and we will take additional action, as appropriate, based on the investigation’s results. This is all the information we have to share until our investigation is complete.”

The company’s message to employees suggests the network may have been hit by a known group, Krebs wrote.

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