October 28, 2021

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Winners of Tech-Prize Code-a-Thon get $32,000 in scholarships | Local News

Mentors from Gateway, Parkside and Tech-Prize helped students with questions. Tech-Prize volunteer Jim DeLong, a former Carroll University computer professor and contest judge, called the Code-a-thon “one of my best experiences in I can’t tell you how long.”

What most impressed DeLong was “The speed at which teams went from the formation process and started delivering value, not as an individual but in a team-wise fashion.”

That was apparent when the two teams presented their solutions Saturday afternoon to judges. Both groups presented web-based solutions that would connect food resources (food banks, restaurants, supermarkets) with volunteers who could deliver food to people in need. In less than 24 hours, both teams had the framework of a website up and running. One website was called Racine Food Connection; the other Racine Courier.

The Racine Courier group suggested testing two different approaches: One where food donors delivered food directly to families through a volunteer network of drivers; the other where donations were delivered to existing organizations like food banks, community centers and churches, and from there went to families through a network of volunteer delivery drivers.

That solution was awarded the top prize. Team members Ajay Gomez, Macy Flanagan, Antoine Williams and Benjamin Hunter all won a $1,000 Parkside scholarship for four years. The Racine Food Connection team of Francisco Munoz, Clair Krug, Christian Bass and Theresa Fernandez won $750 Parkside scholarships for four years.

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