October 18, 2021

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Wolverine’s New Tech Armor Shines in Avengers Cover Art

Eiichi Shimizu’s cover for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers revealed in Marvel’s December solicits shows off Wolverine’s gorgeous armor in this miniseries.

Marvel Comics’ December 2021 solicitations revealed the latest cover for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers, which showcases Wolverine‘s sweet armor. Tech-On Avengers features the Avengers get their own suits of armor from Iron Man after losing their powers. Previous covers highlighted several key characters from the Avengers wearing their advanced technology, including Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.

Avengers: Tech-On Avengers was created as part of Marvel’s partnership with Bandai Namco of Japan. The miniseries is written by Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Avengers) with artwork from Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz (Skullkickers, Street Fighter II Turbo). Mech fans have been getting a lot of robot action through the Avengers lately as earlier this year there was also an Avengers: Mech Strike five-issue miniseries in which the team received super bulky armor from Tony Stark. That particular miniseries was written by Jed MacKay (Black Cat) and features the artwork of Carlos Magno (Planet of the Apes).

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The cover art for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers #5 unveiled in the December solicitations is by the main cover artist for the series, Eiichi Shimizu. He is no stranger to mechs and manga as he’s worked on the Ultraman manga as well as DC’s Batman: Justice Buster. There will also be a variant cover by Peach Momoko, who is well-known for her anime-inspired Marvel covers and designed all the variants for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers. The description for the issue also reveals that the Avengers will be taking on a kaiju-sized version of the Scream symbiote through the use of Infinite Mirror Shard energy. Meanwhile, one of their members struggles with being manipulated by the power wielded by their ultimate enemy, the Red Skull.

Avengers Tech On 5

With all the friction that seems to be going on between manga and comic books, it’s nice to see miniseries like this embracing tropes from both mediums to create something special for readers. Fans who enjoy Mech Strike will also get to see another take on armor in the Marvel Universe with the more sleek and anime-inspired designs showcased in Tech-On, including Wolverine’s new suit lovingly rendered in Shimizu’s cover. The real question will be what version of the armor is better: is it the mech from Tech-On Avengers or from Avengers: Mech Strike?

The approach that this miniseries takes really seems to hit the whole “sentai-inspired action-adventure series” angle that it’s going for. Hopefully, it can be remembered as fondly as Toei’s Spider-Man series from the 70s (for people who actually remember that said series existed). The fifth issue of the Avengers: Tech-On Avengers miniseries featuring Wolverine will hit the stands this December, providing readers with more mecha-goodness.

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