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10 Best Minigames Inside Video Games, Ranked

One of the best parts of exploring expansive video game worlds is stumbling upon surprisingly entertaining and creative minigames. These smaller games can often be revisited over and over again in case players need a break from a serious main storyline.

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The best among these minigames are those that are unexpectedly fun enough to keep players glued to their screens for hours. The tedious quests and urgent main story of the game suddenly fade to the background, as players become too busy playing a relaxing round of golf or an immersive session of Gwent.

10 Journey Of The Prairie King (Stardew Valley)

A player surrounded by soldiers in a field in Journey of the Prairie King in the video game Stardew Valley

Among the many things players never discover in Stardew Valley is the minigame located in The Stardrop Saloon. Journey of the Prairie King is a top-down shooter that pits players against Orcs, Imps, Spikeballs, and even Evil Butterflies. These enemies come in waves from the edges of the screen and must be shot down before they touch the character.

This Stardew Valley minigame has multiple levels, with each one introducing tougher enemies and larger waves. There’s also a Vendor that offers players upgrades for their gun and their ammo, making it easier to overcome more challenging levels. This action-packed minigame can get a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s perfect for players who may be getting bored of tending to their crops or speaking with the townspeople.

9 Disco (Yakuza 0)

Kiryu playing Disco in the video game, Yakuza 0

The Disco minigame that was first introduced in Yakuza 0 is often overlooked, perhaps because of the franchise’s more popular games like Pocket Circuit and Karaoke. The hilarious rhythm game is worth revisiting, however, as it’s more fun than players may initially realize.

Once players get the hang of the admittedly tricky mechanics, Disco can be one of the more enjoyable activities in the game. It’s amusing to watch hardened fighters Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima battle it out on the dance floor. Their over-the-top ’80s moves and snide remarks become even more ridiculous when songs like “I Wanna Take You Home” and “Queen of Passion” start playing in the background.

8 Red Menace (Fallout 4)

After a long day of fending off irradiated Deathclaws and Boatflies in the barren Wastelands of Fallout 4, players can always count on their Pip-Boy for some old-school fun. The retro gadget isn’t just useful for navigating the Commonwealth; it also has classic arcade games that have been modified to fit the Fallout environment.

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From its own version of Space Invaders to its adorable adaptation of Pitfall!, there are quite a few games on the Pip-Boy that can keep players busy for hours. Red Menace, which is obviously based on Donkey Kong, is undoubtedly the most amusing one to play. The developers know that there’s no need to improve the already enjoyable classic, so they only changed the characters and the color scheme to match Fallout’s theme.

7 Squid Jump (Splatoon 2)

A squid next to a platform and a fish in Squid Jump in the video game, Splatoon 2

Players who want to take a step back from the fast-paced paint shooting in Splatoon 2 may often find themselves in front of the Arcade Machine, which offers a variety of retro-style games like Squid Beatz and Squid Racer. One minigame that has become well-known in the Splatoon community is Squid Jump.

Squid Jump is a 2D platformer where players control a squid that must avoid the rising ink by jumping from one platform to another. It starts out easy but soon thrusts players into difficult stages, transforming the platforms into slippery ice, unstable clouds, or moving conveyor belts. Aside from the different stages, there are also power-ups in the form of fish and jellyfish that keep the minigame interesting all throughout. Squid Jump is definitely a feature fans want to see in Splatoon 3.

6 The Bedroom (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 1

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is not often considered a difficult Resident Evil game, which is why its challenging escape room-style minigame was a pleasant surprise. Released as part of the Banned Footage DLC, The Bedroom stands out as a totally unique puzzle game that still follows Resident Evil’s survival horror theme.

In the minigame, players find themselves stuck in a bedroom guarded by the creepy host, Margueritte. The goal is to search for clues when she is away and quickly put everything back the way it was before she comes back. If Margueritte notices a hair out of place, she’ll vomit insects and murder the player, resetting the entire thing. It’s a delightfully horrifying minigame that tests stealth and detective skills.

5 Golf (Grand Theft Auto V)

An image of Los Santos golf course in the video game, Grand Theft Auto 5

For a game that’s mostly associated with violent shootouts and warring gangs, Grand Theft Auto V does an excellent job of capturing the experience of playing a stress-free minigame of golf. The sport has appeared in previous GTA titles but is truly fleshed out and amazingly detailed in the latest installment of the franchise.

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The Los Santos golf club portrays a realistic version of the sport. From its accurate clubs to its expensive entrance fee, it nails all of golf’s important aspects down to a T. The minigame’s spectacular course design and precise controls make it good enough to be released as a standalone golf title. As long as players have the money for it, it’s easily one of the more engrossing minigames in the city.

4 Orlog (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)

Orlog is an original dice game made specifically for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s the perfect pastime for players who need to unwind and get away from the drama of the Templars and the Brotherhood. The game is a bit complicated, but not impossible to master after a few rounds.

After a coinflip that determines who goes first, one round consisting of three phases starts. The goal in each phase is to steal as many of the opponent’s stones until they run out. This is determined by the different faces of the dice, which can either damage enemies, steal tokens, or defend players from attacks. Orlog is so popular that there’s actually a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to turning it into an actual physical game.

3 Demontower (Night In The Woods)

Palecat with his back to the screen, looking at the tower in Demontower from the video game, Night in the Woods

Mae does a lot of activities that are typical for a teenager in the sleepy town of Possum Springs. Aside from hanging out with her friends and interacting with neighbors, she also has the option to just lock herself away in her room and play video games. Enter Demontower, a 2D roguelike minigame in Night in the Woods.

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Demontower is an incredibly detailed minigame that takes players through nine challenging procedurally-generated levels. Players control Palecat, who must defeat enemies (including bosses) and locate the key in each level until they reach the end. There’s a variety of attacks, special abilities, loot, and even multiple endings packed into the game. It’s a truly remarkable content-rich game that’s satisfying to complete.

2 Five Finger Fillet (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Arthur Morgan holding a knife above his hand while playing Five Finger Fillet in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s stunning areas and well-written characters transport players to the Wild West where players can gamble with rowdy sheriffs, bounty hunters, and farmhands. While the popular option in Red Dead 2 is to play a game of Poker or Blackjack, players who want something a tad wilder will likely go for a few rounds of Five Finger Fillet.

Arthur Morgan either doesn’t care about his fingers or is confident in his filleting skills. Either way, it’s up to the player to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself in this fast-paced game. As the name suggests, players must hit the right buttons at the precise moments they appear to win this game. If Arthur’s opponent is faster or if he accidentally stabs his hand, it’s game over. It’s a dangerous but exhilarating game that thankfully never actually causes Arthur to lose his fingers.

1 Gwent (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Playing a game of Gwent is crucial to experiencing the best that The Witcher 3 has to offer. The minigame is creatively weaved into the lore, rightly considered one of Geralt’s exciting adventures. It might be daunting at first, but it’s much less complicated than it appears.

In each round, two players take ten cards from a deck, with each card assigned their own unique strength points. There are different abilities assigned to certain cards, with some granting immunity or even boosting cards on the table. Players must figure out which cards to use so that they end up with the most strength points by the time three rounds are over. It’s an immersive minigame that most Witcher fans know — it even has its own spinoff game called Thronebreaker, which includes fascinating lore about Gwent.

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