December 11, 2023


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10 Magic Eraser Uses You Might Not Expect – LifeSavvy

10 Magic Eraser Uses You Might Not Expect – LifeSavvy

Cleaning crayon off the walls using a Magic Eraser.
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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of gently scrubbing a stain away with the help of a Magic Eraser, then you understand how this genius product earned its name.

The deceptively abrasive sponge-like creation will banish stains, remove soap scum with ease, and make household belongings shine like new. In fact, the Magic Eraser works so well that there are a few surfaces you’ll want to keep it far from.

What is a Magic Eraser?

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser being held up by someone wearing cleaning gloves.


The Magic Eraser, which has been around for almost two decades, was invented in 2003 and has since become a regular shopping list item for several nationwide.

Aside from some elbow grease, the Magic Eraser works efficiently to remove stains and scuffs. But what is it about this soft white sponge that makes it work so magically?

The white cleaning tool is made with a melamine foam, a material that is both porous and abrasive enough to buff away marks. Consider it an extremely fine sandpaper-like version of a sponge that cleans differently than most chemicals would.

How Does a Magic Eraser Work?

Someone removing adhesive stickiness from an oven.

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While most chemical cleaners work to break down stains before they are wiped away clean, the Magic Erasers structure, which is filled with tiny air pockets, works to gently scrape away those stains like sandpaper.

Since the air pockets are so teeny-tiny, they won’t damage most surfaces as severely as actual sandpaper, but they work similarly. Add a little water to activate the sponge, and you’re good to go.

Even after dampening a Magic Eraser, avoid cleaning the surfaces of:

  • Stainless steel: Believe it or not, scrubbing marks off your shiny stainless steel appliances is a no-go. According to Apartment Therapy, too much scrubbing can break down the gloss finish. 
  • Car Paint: It’s tempting to try and remove splattered bugs and bird poop from your car, but the abrasiveness of a Magic Eraser is too harsh for your vehicle and will leave gnarly little scratches on the surface.
  • Nonstick cookware: While they may look a little like sponges, they aren’t anything like them. Since scratched nonstick pots and pans are no-good, avoid using a Magic Eraser to clean them.
  • Delicate Countertops: Marble and granite countertops are some of the soft stone surfaces you should avoid using a Magic Eraser on because it can remove the surface’s sealant.

If you’re unsure whether or not you should use a Magic Eraser on a surface, always do a spot test on an inconspicuous site before doing a full-on scrub down.

Magic Eraser Uses

A pair of scuffed white shoes that will be cleaned with a Magic Eraser.


There may be a few surfaces that Magic Erasers are forbidden from, but for the most part, they can help clean up some areas like no other tool.

Next time your white sneakers need helping glistening again, or you’re tired of staring at your cookware’s baked-on stains, you’ll know just what to grab.

Erase Marks on Walls and Baseboards

Just in case you’ve never had the pleasure of cleaning crayon stains or finger smudges off the wall, know there is a fix for that when the time comes.

The Magic Eraser works effortlessly to remove most stains from your walls and baseboards. Ideally, you’ll want to scrub stains away when fresh, but if you caught them too late, don’t fret; Mr. Clean will still work. Dampen it with water, rub over the crayon marks, fingerprints, or other marks and watch as it magically disappears.

Scrub Away Soap Scum in the Tub

Soap scum is not pleasant to look at, and it’s not exactly pleasant to scrub away. Luckily, the Magic Eraser works to rid all that yellow-hued stain away.

After activating the sponge with water, power through the stains by swiping and scrubbing away at the grimy buildup. It’s tried and true; we tested it ourselves and couldn’t believe how nice our tub looked afterward.

Remove Cooked-On Stains on Pots and Pans

Magic Erasers help remove pesky stains from cookware like nothing. Avoid using them to clean pots and pans made with stainless steel, copper, nonstick, or anything coated with enamel.

Once your cookware’s first layer has been washed away and is crumb-free, give them a good rinse, activate the sponge with water, and start washing away.

Scrub Off Sticky Price Tag Stickers

We’ve all looked at a freshly purchased item and thought, “why did they put the price tag right there”? Seriously, you know what we’re talking about.

Next time you find yourself peeling away at an annoying price tag with your fingernails, save yourself the pain and reach for a Magic Eraser. It’ll easily rub off the sticky residue and cut the job time in half.

Pull Dirt and Grass Stains from Shoes

There’s nothing worse than staining up your lovely new kicks, but seeing as they belong on your feet, it’s inevitable. Next time your white sneakers reveal dirt or grass stains, add water to a Magic Eraser and scrub the stains away.

Take Away Set-In Stains from Glass

Surprisingly, your Magic Eraser makes a fabulous cleaning agent for glass as well, especially when you’ve had months (or years) of baked-on grease lingering on your favorite Pyrex collection.

Those stubborn stains will pull away from the glass once your favorite multipurpose sponge comes into play. The Melamine foam will work to scrape all that brown baked-on grease you’ve had the pleasure of staring at every time you make a casserole.

Turn Dirty Grout White Again

You might not believe us when we tell you, but Mr. Clean will even help turn your yellowish grout back to its original and fresh appearance. According to Mr. Clean, you can conquer the grimiest grout with a few firm swipes across the grout’s surface.

Next time you find yourself with a good few hours of extra time, grab a few Magic Erasers, crank up some music and brighten up those tiles with a grout-cleaning session.

Make All Your Faucets Shine Again

While tackling all the gross grout in your bathroom, feel free to shine up all those scummy faucets too. Thanks to the high amount of minerals in hard water, sometimes your faucets will begin to become stained from the accumulated residue.

For tough water stains, reach for the Magic Eraser Bath with Gain, as it’s infused with a cleanser that scrubs even more powerfully than an original Magic Eraser.

Shine Up that WhiteBoard

Whiteboards should be easy to clean, but they can be challenging when the writing sits too long. If you are in this irritating predicament, try using a Magic Eraser to wipe away the stains. Once activated with a small amount of water, you shouldn’t have to put much effort into cleaning the board.

Take Away Old Coffee Stains from Cups

Let’s face it; coffee will sometimes stain those pearly white mugs. But those stains don’t have to stick around forever. Instead, grab your favorite multipurpose sponge and remove those stains with a few swipes of magic. The Magic Eraser should also help clean the bottom lip of your mugs, which often become stained as well.

The Magic Eraser comes in clutch when you have tough stains that need to go. Once you’ve taken care of pesky stains around the house, you can move on to taking care of those scratches and stains on your wooden furniture.