April 22, 2024


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A 200MP Smartphone Camera Is Coming Soon, But Not From Samsung Or Apple

200MP camera sensors are the next big jump for smartphone photography. According to a new rumor, we might know the first company using this tech.

A new rumor just revealed the first company that’ll launch the first 200MP smartphone camera — and it’s not at all who you’d expect. Smartphone photography has come a long way in recent years. Less than 10 years ago, smartphone cameras captured extremely grainy and lackluster photos. Today, handsets like the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 can produce pictures that look like they came from a professional DSLR.

As with all things in the smartphone market, however, camera technology is constantly improving. Companies are refining their processing software, adding new shooting modes, and using more advanced camera sensors. 108MP is the current limit for the most megapixels available in a phone camera. In the not-too-distant future, however, we’ll soon get phones with 200MP cameras.


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Back in September, Samsung announced the ISOCELL HP1 as the industry’s first 200MP camera sensor for smartphones. Samsung didn’t confirm availability of the sensor at the time, but a new rumor has now offered some interesting information. According to Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the first company that launches a phone with a 200MP camera won’t be Samsung, Apple, or Google. Instead, it’ll be none other than Motorola.

Xiaomi And Samsung Also Have 200MP Plans

Camera sensor on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

For anyone who’s followed Motorola smartphones over the years, this is and isn’t all that surprising. It’s true that most of Motorola’s smartphones don’t have capable camera systems. If you go out and buy a Moto G handset right now, chances are it has a pretty typical 48 or 13MP primary camera. However, Motorola has dabbled with 108MP camera sensors in its Motorola Edge lineup. If Motorola wants to keep chasing the megapixel race, it’s not hard to imagine a 2022 version of the Edge debuting with a 200MP sensor.

Following Motorola, Ice Universe says Xiaomi will be the next company with a 200MP device “in the second half of next year.” From there, Samsung should launch its first phone with a 200MP camera “by 2023.” Some earlier rumors suggested the Galaxy S22 Ultra would get a 200MP camera, but it’s now widely expected to use an upgraded 108MP sensor. Considering this and Ice Universe‘s latest reporting, it seems a 200MP camera won’t be a focus for Samsung until the Galaxy S23.

With new technologies like this, it’s important to remember that being first doesn’t make one device automatically better. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that waiting a while longer could be beneficial. Motorola may have the very first phone with a 200MP camera, but Samsung will have an extra year to adjust and fine-tune things to potentially implement it better.

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Source: Ice Universe

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