April 12, 2024


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A Pixel phone and Google services for one monthly fee

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • Google is reportedly working on a Pixel Pass subscription service.
  • This would bundle a Pixel phone purchase with a bundle of premium Google services.
  • There’s no word on availability or pricing for this subscription plan though.

There are several ways to buy a smartphone these days, but it looks like Google might add another option when it launches the Pixel 6 series later this month. A new retail leak has detailed the existence of a so-called Pixel Pass service.

The leak, disclosed by YouTuber M. Brandon Lee on Twitter, alleges that Pixel Pass is a subscription-based service that bundles a Pixel phone with an Apple One-style collection of Google services and an extended warranty. Check out a screenshot obtained by Lee below.

Google Pixel Pass

Services included in Pixel Pass apparently include Google One, Play Pass, YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, and Google Fi connectivity. There are two notable omissions here though, namely Stadia and a streaming service akin to Netflix.

There’s no word on availability and pricing for this purported service, although we’re guessing it’s a US offering for now. After all, Google Fi works in loads of countries but needs to be activated in the US. So it stands to reason that Google Fi wouldn’t be included if the offer is available elsewhere.

It’s also unclear whether Google will launch a standalone bundle of services that excludes the Pixel phone and Google Fi, as it would certainly make sense. But pricing will be crucial for a standalone bundle, and a June 2021 Android Authority poll found that most respondents would only pay between $10 and $15 a month for a bundle like this.

How much would you spend on a Pixel Pass subscription service that included a standard Pixel 6? Let us know via the poll above.

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