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A Revolution in Language Learning Apps with Linnet Chinese

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 12:33 PM MDT|Updated: 6 hours ago

SINGAPORE, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We’ve all seen the titles: “How Smartphone Apps are Changing Language Learning Forever,” “How to Learn a Language in a Few Minutes a Day,” and so on. But how many of us have successfully used a mobile application to reach fluency, and how many of us have a mailbox full of notifications from our language apps, begging us not to forget them? Unfortunately, it was all too good to be true: you can’t learn a language from an app in a few minutes a day. Or can you? Enter Linnet Chinese, the brainchild of a team of elite language researchers from Beijing’s top universities and some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest. Their goal is simple: take the promises of those apps and make online language learning the future it should be by giving learners the path to fluency they’ve been looking for without sacrificing quality and results for convenience. Using impressive technology, the programmers have designed an entire platform for live classroom interactions, with student progress tracked by visualized learning data. The curriculums are beautifully designed. The gamified courseware teaches the language through real-life scenarios.

No more memorization of decontextualized sentences and words. With Linnet Chinese, there are real conversations, practical goals, constructive feedback, and professional guides. Students schedule their live classes based on their availability and then have fun with the engaging course material before meeting with their teachers and classmates. Learners don’t even have to bring their questions to class anymore because the software already knows precisely what they need to work on, plus it’s actively preparing them for language proficiency evaluations like AP classes, HSK, and other recognized examinations. Linnet’s hybrid model is the future for online language education, and they guarantee the results, even with a notoriously difficult language like Chinese. You don’t have to take this article’s word for it — just follow the money: investors are betting on Linnet’s vision to the tune of over 5 million USD in funding and counting. So, turn off notifications for the old apps. They’ve been undeniably successful in sparking an interest in foreign languages, but let’s face it, they rarely help users achieve anything beyond a most basic, cursory introduction. They lack detail, longevity, and the human element: three of the most crucial aspects of mastering a new language that Linnet Chinese capitalizes on.

Kenny Wu
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