April 12, 2024


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Ahead of Windows 11 release, Microsoft’s PC Health Check app becomes available for download

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Microsoft has launched the PC Health Check app again just ahead of the release of Windows 11. The PC Health Check app originally arrived after Microsoft started the beta programme for Windows earlier this year. But the tool was found misguiding users on PC compatibility for Windows 11, leading Microsoft to pull it. However, after a short while, Microsoft reinstated the app but limited its use to only Windows Insider users who were using the developer builds of Windows 11.

The purpose of the PC Health Check app is to let users know if their PC will support Windows 11 or not. This includes checking various aspects of the computer, such as the processor type, TDM security standard, minimum RAM and storage requirement, among others. The most important thing here is the processor, which strictly needs to be in Microsoft’s list of compatible processors. A lot of processors from Intel and AMD are not supported, so it is understandable if the PC Health Check app calls your PC incompatible.

However, at the same time, folks at The Verge claimed the PC Health Check app suggested one of the gaming PCs with a 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor is not compatible with Windows 11. This is contradictory because Windows 11 was running just fine on the PC. Microsoft did say previously that it will not stop users from installing Windows 11 on older CPUs. However, it will not roll out Windows Updates to these machines. This includes security updates, as well, which means Microsoft will not be liable if your PC catches a security threat. That is a big issue considering security updates are essential for a Windows machine to run.

What users can do right now is just go with what the PC Health Check app recommends. This means that if your PC is not supported by Windows 11, you better stay away from it and continue using Windows 10. And if you want to experience Windows 11, you better go buy a new machine for yourself. Microsoft has a whole page dedicated to new PCs and laptops on its website for people who want to make the best of Windows 11. With so many obsolete CPUs, people will be bound to go shopping. The huge demand for new PCs may aggravate the chip shortage that is impacting almost every industry that relies on electronic devices.

Windows 11 is coming out on October 5 to everyone with an eligible PC.

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