May 21, 2024


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As Seen on TV’s Eggstractor: Does it really work?

As Seen On TV products can be a hit or miss. The “Eggstractor” sells itself as a simple egg-peeling gadget that you’ll definitely want to add to your kitchen rotation. But can it live up to its punny name?

The Eggstractor promises to peel your hard-boiled eggs “instantly and perfectly” and 10 times faster than usual. I’m not sure in what emergency situation you would need to peel some eggs 10 times faster than usual, but what do I know?

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For whatever your egg needs are, this little tool will supposedly make no mess. That, to me, is the only qualification needed for a perfect kitchen gadget because I don’t want to clean anything.

For this mini-episode of Tried It!, I’m going to put the Eggstractor to the test and compare its speed and cleanliness to the traditional method of peeling hard-boiled eggs. For 30 seconds, I’m going to see how many eggs the Eggstractor can peel versus how many I can peel in 30 seconds with my own hands.

How it works

The Eggstractor doesn’t look like it belongs in the kitchen with its crazy stand and rippled exterior. The instructions say to tap the hard-boiled egg on the counter before puncturing the shell with the puncture point located around the ridge of the Eggstractor. Afterward, you put the egg in the center of the stand, place the cover over it and pump with both hands.

The instructions mention that it may take a while to get used to the pumping movement, which is true. I did a couple of test runs before finally setting the timer.

When the Eggstractor successfully peels the egg, the newly peeled hard-boiled egg will shoot out of the bottom of the Eggstractor, which is funny to watch.

The results

Ultimately, the Eggstractor did win. It managed to peel two hard-boiled eggs perfectly in 30 seconds, while I only was able to successfully peel one. The cleanup was also significantly easier with the Eggstractor, especially since I managed to only pick off tiny pieces of the shell while I was peeling.

So, if you’re in the mood to add more protein into your diet and make it fun, the Eggstractor does what it promises. Now, please excuse me, as I have 28 more hard-boiled eggs to peel.

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