July 16, 2024


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Baa locks Anandi in storeroom

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In today’s episode, we saw Anandi gives her mangalsutra in exchange of a smartphone for Kanku. When she comes back at home, she takes Kanku in the corner and tells her that she has brought a phone for her. Kanku gets shocked and questions her from where she got that. Anandi replies that she exchanged her mangalsutra for this phone. Kanku gets worried and tells Anandi to take her Mangalsutra back. Anandi starts crying as they both were coming out of the room, Maadi Baa was standing outside the room. She questions them what happened. Kanku lies and says they are going to play.

Maadi Baa saw that Anandi was not wearing a mangalsutra. She questions her that where is her mangalsutra, Kanku was about to stop her but Anandi tells the truth to Maadi Baa. Baa takes her and calls everyone in the hall. She starts shouting at Anandi for her silliness. Anandi starts crying and tells everyone what happened. Kanku takes her side, but Dewadi scolds her and tells her to stay away from Anandi. Maadi Baa takes Anandi’s hand and locks her in the dark store room. Anandi starts crying and asks for help from Sejal. Baa locks the door and warns all that if someone tries to opens the door, she will make sure to punish them.
Anandi screams that she will not do it again, and the whole family was emotional. She begs everyone to open the door because she is afraid from the darkness. Dewadi comes near the door when Maadi Baa leaves. Dewadi tells Anandi that the door is locked and you can not run away from here. Dewadi even turns off the light and Anandi starts praying to the god. 

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