September 27, 2023


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Biden May Have ‘Engineered’ Attack On Ukraine

With Tucker Carlson grabbing regular headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that ol’ Fish Sticks is not the only so-called “journalist” on Fox News who is regularly assaulting their viewers’ ears and eyes with bad takes, random conjecture, and straight-up bullsh*t, and presenting it all as “the news.” Case in point: Jesse Watters, yet another of Fox News’ many resident stooges, who—when he’s not being kind of racist, sexist, or encouraging his viewers to “ambush” Dr. Fauci—is generally just making an ass out of himself. For Watters’ latest act of buffoonery, he’s claiming that it is Joe Biden—not Vladimir Putin, the man who actually attacked Ukraine—who is responsible for Putin’s attack on Ukraine, and it’s all because of Hunter Biden’s laptop! Yep, we’re going all the way back to that.

Just when you thought Hunter’s laptop was finally a thing of the past, Watters had to go and not just boot it up again, but put it at the very center of the Russia Ukraine War. As Raw Story reports, Watters chatted up John Paul Mac Isaac, a.k.a. “Hunter’s Laptop Repairman,” and his jaunty hat on Tuesday, where his questions were more like attempts to push through some wild conspiracy theories that Isaac (nor his hat) seemed 100 percent comfortable agreeing with.

After asking for Isaac’s thoughts on the situation happening right now in Ukraine—because presumably a computer repairman would also be an expert on geopolitics—he responded that: “It’s hard to tell. I mean, last time Ukraine was in this, or close to this situation, Joe Biden was in charge [as vice president]. And last time, Hunter Biden profited greatly off of his dad’s involvement in Ukraine. I think this time Joe needs a distraction more than he needs money.”

This was a golden opportunity for Watters, and he seized the moment by making a huge leap by asking: “Do you think this was engineered as a distraction, or do you think this just kind of happened because of Vlad and this rush to war?” (Vlad!)

Isaac seemed uncomfortable with the whole question, and replied that ” I would hate to think that the Ukrainian people would have to suffer the way they’re suffering now because Joe needed a distraction.”

You can watch the exchange—which isn’t too far from how The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic saw this whole thing playing out—below.

(Via Raw Story)

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