September 25, 2023


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Bloodborne Fans Disappointed Again Following PlayStation State of Play

The March PlayStation State of Play has left Bloodborne fans disappointed once again, with no news on a remaster, PS5 upgrade, or PC release.

Fans of Bloodborne were disappointed once again after March’s PlayStation State Of Play showcase revealed no news on the game and its future. Prior to the event, Sony confirmed the stream would focus on Japanese developers, building up fan hopes for a Bloodborne remaster, remake, or current-generation upgrade announcement.

Rumors of a remaster of the popular PS4-exclusive Bloodborne have been circulating since 2020, only five years after its launch, and further picked up traction in 2021 upon Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint Games. Bluepoint Games is a studio known for its video game remasters and remakes such as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Shadow of the Colossus, and fellow FromSoftware classic Demon’s Souls. These remaster rumors also circulated alongside further suggestions of a PC port, something that Sony has invested in with exclusive games such as Days Gone, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. As a result, each PlayStation showcase or announcement leads to fan speculation on Bloodborne‘s future.


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This time was no different, as Reddit users such as MXHombre123 shared screenshots of a potential Bloodborne Remastered two days prior to Sony’s event, and despite these images and rumors being debunked just before State Of Play, fans continued building excitement and expectations for a reveal on March 9. Alas, the State Of Play event came and went, and although it showcased a variety of games including Exoprimal, the rumored Bloodborne Remastered announcement was nowhere to be seen. This led to fans such as redd_77 taking to the r/bloodborne subreddit to express their disappointment in viral posts.

While a full remaster might not happen, it’s very possible that a PS5 upgrade for Bloodborne could be released. Bloodborne is seven years old as of the time of writing, and its launch on PlayStation 4 in 2015 means it is missing some features fans have grown to expect as the industry moved on to the current generation of consoles, such as performance options to allow players to experience their games at higher frame rates. Although the game still has a great visual art style and is full of atmosphere, there is a high demand to see these visuals in 4K with high dynamic range as well.

Of course, fans who wish to play FromSoftware’s famously challenging titles on current-gen hardware aren’t exactly lacking for content, as Elden Ring recently released to almost universal acclaim across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Meanwhile, for PS5 fans, there is Bluepoint Games’ 2020 Demon’s Souls remake, which was released as an exclusive launch title for the console, also to high praise. While the future of Bloodborne is unclear, it seems fans aren’t giving up hope just yet.

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Source: MXHombre123/Reddit, redd_77/Reddit

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