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Bloodborne PSX Demake Releases On PC In January

Bloodborne PSX Demake developer Lilith Walther has announced plans to launch the project on PC in just a couple of months on January 31, 2022.

Developer Lilith Walther plans to launch the Bloodborne PSX Demake project on PC in January; she confirmed as much upon rolling out a new trailer for the project on Halloween. Walther first began sharing details about the PSX Demake for Bloodborne earlier this year. At the time, intrigued onlookers were treated to glimpses of levels, loading screens, and save points.

Throughout various Twitter threads and a few YouTube videos, the developer has kept fans updated about progress on the endeavor all year. The information Walther has shared in the months since then consisted of gameplay teases and the like. Bloodborne’s Father Gascoigne received a quick look as well to the delight of many a fan, all of whom were more than eager to see how the iconic PS4 character would measure up with PSX graphics. Plus, a 10-minute look at gameplay recently showcased the Bloodborne PSX Demake’s character creator, as well. After another recent reveal, PC players now know when they can expect to get their hands on this very special version of the PS4 best-seller.

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On Halloween, Lilith Walther unleashed a brand-new trailer for Bloodborne’s PSX Demake. The latest sneak peek at the project also featured a release date for the free PC download. This exciting version of the Yharnam-set adventure will go live in a couple of months on January 31, 2022. Check out the trailer in the Twitter post linked below, complete with music from arranger and orchestrator Evelyn Lark whose efforts will no doubt ensure the demake feels all the more authentic to both Bloodborne and the PlayStation 1 era.

The Bloodborne PSX Demake won’t cover the FromSoftware title in its entirety. Lilith Walther confirmed the parameters of the project in a Twitter response, telling curious followers the demake build stops at the Father Gascoigne boss battle. Thus, players will still have plenty to explore before the retro-inspired fun comes to an end.

Released in March 2015 on PS4, Bloodborne is considered amongst the most refined experiences of the eighth console generation. It hasn’t aged well in some respects, however, particularly in the performance department where it suffers from a distractingly low frame rate. Hopes remain high that such issues will receive a remedy in the form a PC port or PlayStation 5 upgrade, though Sony has yet to hint at plans of this nature.

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Bloodborne PSX Demake hits PC early next year on January 31, 2022; the game’s original version is available to play now on PS4.

Source: Lilith Walther/Twitter

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