July 24, 2024


Unlimited Technology

Boardman school teaches parents to protect children from online predators

The counselors say parents should tell kids it’s not appropriate to share information about where your live, what school they attend. And not to post or share pictures of yourself wearing the name of your school since that can tell predators what school you attend.

Professionals emphasize talking with your children when they have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, and keeping the age-appropriate discussions and dialogue open and ongoing with your children.

“The sooner you have that conversation about the safety of using those tablets, or phones the better,” said Melinda DePietro, Counselor of sixth-grade students at Boardman Intermediate.

Guerrieri told the parents it’s appropriate for them to know their children and teens’ passwords on all sites, and be their friends on social media sites. She explained it’s not to spy,  but to monitor and help protect your kids and teens. She explained it’s easier if you start at a younger age and let your children know what is expected.

Counselor Guerrieri told parents they should take time to learn about technology and how to use controls so children and teens cannot download Apps without you punching a code in, that way you will know what they are using and where children are at online.

The Juvenile Counselor also told parents she does not recommend children in bedrooms with closed doors having access to cell phones, or tablets, or computers, and explained it is just too risky and promotes behaviors that can be problematic and children and teens just don’t have the experience to understand that yet.

Guerrieri shared how in her work in the justice system she has seen numerous instances where adults gained access to children through different Apps and games only to find out later to find out the person was a 50-year-old male or older adult, but the child or teen had already sent images to a person they thought was around their age.

“Just as you childproof your home, you need to add precautions in place not because you don’t trust your child or teen, or not because they are making bad decisions, but because you need to help keep them safe,” said Guerrieri.

Parents are thankful for information on technology about controls they can use to help protect what’s most important to them, their children.

Parents tell WFMJ News they were surprised to find how common it is for children to send messages back and forth and for them to be on social media at such a young age as well. But added they will follow the advice and set the standards now so the expectation is there and as their children grow older they know what is expected of them and what is appropriate and not appropriate.

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