January 29, 2022

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Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Made In Real Life With Smartphone

The Sheikah Slate is one of the most valuable tools in Link’s arsenal. A talented fan decided to recreate this useful device in real life.

A talented and tech-savvy fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has managed to replicate the game’s iconic Sheikah Slate with an integrated smartphone. This piece of functional fan art is one of many pieces that have graced online gaming forums in recent months and might remind fans of popular builds like the Fallout: New Vegas-themed PC that made the rounds on Reddit just a few days ago.

The mysterious and mystical piece of technology known as the Sheikah Slate is an invaluable tool for players embarking on their Breath of the Wild journey; it serves as a complex map/GPS system and journal, as well as a catalyst for magic spells that Link can utilize both in combat and to solve the game’s many puzzles. The Sheikah Slate is similar in appearance to a modern tablet, which has led some fans to believe that it was originally imagined as an in-game representation of the Wii U gamepad before Breath of the Wild began development for the Nintendo Switch. Either way, the lore-friendly mechanics and aesthetics of the Sheikah Slate are inseparable from the identity of Breath of the Wild, and it may have even inspired a similar device in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


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A fan going by the handle Raytrus was recently able to almost perfectly capture the Sheikah Slate’s image with a life-size model. In a series of photos posted to Reddit, Raytrus shows off their recreation, which appears to be made out of some sort of crafting foam. Raytrus managed to faithfully recreate the device’s many esoteric markings and symbols, as well as a handy grip on its left side. Perhaps the best part of the build, however, is the integration of an Android mobile device, which adds to its feeling of authenticity.

BotW Sheikah Slate

See the full Reddit post here.

While fans might not be able to use this creation to unleash devastating magical spells like they can in Breath of the Wild, it is still a sight to behold for anyone interested in Nintendo’s seminal 2017 open-world adventure. The build would be perfect for cosplayers, as the inclusion of the smartphone allows for a degree of interactivity not present in many other props. Of course, it helps that the replica looks just like its in-game counterpart even without the mobile device.

This will no doubt inspire some creative fans to craft their own replicas of iconic objects from Breath of the Wild. Whether it be other versions of the Sheikah Slate or outfits like the Ancient Armor, new and impressive creations are likely just around the corner. Hopefully, Breath of the Wild 2 will provide even more fodder for fans looking to make some 3D art.

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Source: Raytrus/Reddit

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