April 19, 2024


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Can you play Lost Ark on Steam Deck?

Lost Ark has seen more than one million concurrent players on Steam since it’s February 11th 2022 release date. Naturally, fans of the MMORPG are keen on one question: Will Lost Ark be available on the Steam Deck?

Currently, Amazon’s Lost Ark is solely available on PC, and Smilegate—developers of the game—haven’t announced future plans to port the game to console. However, the Steam Deck is a different story.

There’s no confirmation that Lost Ark will be playable on the Steam Deck, meaning fans of the free-to-play game are patiently waiting for an official announcement from Valve, or other valid sources.

Valve breaks down Steam Deck game compatibility into four categories: Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown; allowing users to find out wherever their favorite titles slot into.

As far as Lost Ark’s compatibility with Steam Deck, there’s a key feature that’s hopeful news for the two coming together. Steam Deck runs on a Linux-based operating system, meaning Valve and other game developers are pushing for smooth compatibility, given issues arising from the handheld’s OS.

One major concern is Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) originally being unable to run on the handheld. Lost Ark relies on EAC, which would be a major deterrent for the MMORPG to transition. Valve says it has solved this concern, meaning the anti-cheat system should work on the Steam Deck without any major issues for hopeful developers.

Still, an official announcement is needed to feel truly confident in the titles emergence on the Steam Deck.

The big day of the Steam Deck’s release is upon us; if you’re unsure if your Steam library works with the Steam Deck, be sure to follow this guide.

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