September 26, 2023


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Canyon Atlantic drops suit against Tower Health on hospitals

An off-and-on prospective acquisition of the shuttered Jennersville and Brandywine hospitals in Chester County is off again. Canyon Atlantic Partners LLC has decided to drop its litigation with Tower Health, which closed the hospitals in December and January— thus ending Canyon’s renewed bid to purchase the hospitals and dashing the hopes of many that the company would reopen them quickly.

Canyon’s action comes one week after the company failed to post the court-ordered $1 million bond required to revive the deal canceled in early December, further legitimizing Tower’s previous claims casting doubt on the Texas-based hospital management firm’s financial viability.

Canyon’s legal team, consisting of attorneys from Post & Post and Lamb McErlane PC, submitted paperwork to discontinue the civil action Tuesday to the office of the Chester County Prothonotary. It was subsequently signed off on by Chester County Common Pleas Judge Edward Griffith, who had resuscitated the deal in February.

In a statement to WHYY News, a spokesperson for Tower Health expressed a sense of optimism that this opened the door to finding a new buyer.

“Tower Health welcomes the decision by Canyon Atlantic Partners to withdraw its claim with the Chester County Court. We are now able to move forward with exploring partner organizations with the financial and operational ability to complete a transaction,” the statement read.

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