June 19, 2024


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CCISD prepared to go virtual with SAT testing

Officials with TAMUCC said when the pandemic hit, the test became an optional requirement. The virtual change won’t happen for two years.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The College Board made a decision this week to take the SAT college entrance exam from paper to completely online.

The 100 percent virtual version of the test is expected to be the same as the paper version.  It will still be multiple choice and will be conducted in a testing location like a school, but it will be much shorter by about an hour.

It won’t go into effect for another 2 years, but officials with the Corpus Christi Independent School District told 3 News they are already prepared for the switch and so are students.

Vanessa Perez-Peterson is the coordinator for advanced academics for CCISD. She said students live in a digital world and are quick to adjust to the changes. 

“I have no doubt our students are going to be prepared,” Perez-Peterson said “And they are currently prepared we have transitioned to online testing for the majority of our assessments, our department and district will continue to support our campuses.”

Many colleges and universities have long required the college entrance exam as a perquisite for admission.  

Thursday night, officials with TAMUCC said when the pandemic hit, the test became an optional requirement.

It’s a move that has been trending among universities and colleges across the country.  Still, the SAT remains an important indicator of preparedness.

“It’s always been part of our requirements,” said Vice President for Enrollment Management at TAMUCC, Andy Benoit.  “I don’t think it will ever completely disappear. What I do believe, when considering all these factors gives us an opportunity to be able to look at student development and student preparedness to success.”

Vice President for Enrollment Management at TAMUCC, Andy Benoit said that the virtual switch will provide students with an adjustment they are used to. 

“From what we have been told by the testing company not only will they lose an hour, they will be able to use a calculator for the entire math section,” Benoit said. “They’re going to be on a device their most familiar with.”

Currently high school students are preparing for SAT School Day on March 2. Students can take the test during school, with that version requiring pen and paper.

When the change to 100 percent virtual takes place, Perez-Peterson said there are other advantages.

“It will allow student to get their scores back faster and so think about their future and their next steps in a more timely manor what direction do I need to go from this point on.”

For students who don’t own a laptop or other device, one would be provided at the testing center.

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