September 24, 2023


Unlimited Technology

Chinese Customs Seize 5,840 Illegally Mislabeled XFX GPUs Worth Over $3 Million

Chinese customs authorities seized 5,840 XFX graphics cards on Friday. The GPUs were moving through Huanggang Port, in Shenzen, the transit point for people, vehicles, and goods leaving and returning to Hong Kong (Lok Ma Chau). Customs inspectors noticed that a consignment of graphics cards had several mislabeled boxes. Further investigation revealed that the total value of the graphics cards in transit was $3 million more than declared by XFX’s paperwork.

Considering this story as written by the Chinese customs authority on its Weibo account, one might presume it was a simple but unsuccessful attempt by XFX to reduce the customs duty it would have had to pay to send its goods from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (low taxation) to mainland China. However, this might not be an open-and-shut case.

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