December 2, 2023


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Coolest Classics In The Motorious Online Car Show

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These cars are in the running to win $1000!

The Motorious Online Car Show is attracting some of the coolest cars, and car owners, we’ve met in a while. With most of us cooped inside, it’s great to connect with our readers in this unique way, and give gearheads a chance to win $1000, or select prizes by segment. In an effort to give everyone a chance to enter, we’re going to keep it rolling to give everyone a chance to enter, and share their cars with friends and family so they can go vote on it for People’s Choice.

To motivate you to enter your car, here are some of the cars from the Classics segment that we love, and we’ve just added our newest submissions!

1957 Chevy Bel Air

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

Is there anything more iconic of the American car culutre in the fiftes than a Chevy Tri-Five? We don’t think so! This once primer-clad Bel Air represents 11 years of hard work to restore. The owner said he almost gave up several times, but is grateful he never did.

1967 Ford Thunderbird

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

The current owner is only the 2nd owner of this numbers matching 428 cubic-inch/C6 transmission Bird. It has dual quads, an aftermarket Comp Cam, 3.70:1 Strange rear gearing, and Mach 1 Shaker Scoop. The car was heavily optioned from the factory, with cruise control, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, front disc/rear drum brakes, overhead convenience panel, and swing-away wheel. The owner customized this car to pay omage to the Hot Wheels Custom T Bird he had as a kid.

1956 Chevrolet Nomad

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This car was purchased out of continuous 54 year ownership. It was sympathetically ‘restored’ in 1969, and currently has 43,012 original miles. The only changes made to the car were a swap out to electric wipers, and a radio change. It has a 265 cubic-inch engine under the hood, and is backed by a Powerglide transmission. There are no power options, and otherwise, stock as factory built. Car was previously owned by Dick & Pat Chappell, author of “55-6-7 Chevrolet.The Hot One” the bible of Tri-five owners.

1956 Meteor Rideau

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This car was purchased in 1966 for $75. It has had one paint job in 1970, and one restoration in 2000. It is powered by a 1958 352 Thunderbird engine, with Mercury 410 heads, a solid lifter crane cam, 427 lifters, push rods and rocker arms.

1956 Ford Fairlane

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This Ford Fairlane is no stranger to car shows. It has been freshly painted, has a rebuilt 292 to 312 engine, newly updated tranny, and updated interior.

1948 Plymouth Special

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This Special Deluxe Club Coupe was purchased on January 15, 1959, when the owner was 16 years old. The owner of this cool Club had my own car polishing business in sunny California, and it shows that he knows his way around preserving a paint job! The car is in great condition and he is still driving it today. It is very original and starts right up and drives down the highway and loves to go to car shows and events.  Most people cannot believe he has owned the car for 60 years!

1929 Cadillac 341-B

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This 5 passenger, 4-door close coupled sedan was purchased in 1988, partially restored. The owner finished the restoration, and took it to Hershey AACA National Meet, where it won a 1st Junior award.

1975 Volkswagen Beetle

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This VW was built for Canada and made in Germany in August of 1974. It has a factory sunroof and fuel injected 1.6-liter engine with 4-speed. We bet this import classic is a blast to drive!

1929 Cadillac 341-B

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

In 1929, the iconic classic Cadillac continued the legacy of beauty, aristocratic elegance, and individuality. This pristine example represents the 1920s coming to an end, and Cadillac’s reputation as a top innovator in American automobile manufacturing.

1921 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickup

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This is a unique 1921 Chevrolet FD Roadster Utility pickup that was originally special ordered in Oakland, CA and has remained in CA. It was order by a cemetery, and used as their grounds pickup. Hauling dirt, caskets, gravel and so on. The current owners have had the pleasure of owning it for about a year now, and note that it still runs and drive great.

1936 Oldsmobile Series 76

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

Oldsmobile has been one of the top selling brands since its inception, and this classy Olds makes it easy to see why. This example is all original, and resides with its second owner. The owner of this car also notes that it runs perfectly after all these years.

1931 Cadillac

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

This classic Caddy’s owner has only had it for a year, but what a great find it is! It appears to be in show condition, and is a fantastic example of an early 1930s Cadillac.

1966 Mercury Comet

Photos Courtesy of Submissions

The owner of this car has had this summer cruiser for 24 plus years, citing an ‘early midlife crisis’ for getting it. This red convertible paid off as it helped him snag his wife right after buying it, and luckily, he still has them both! The couple had a lot of fun trips in this car, and then more with their kids – and the picture above shows the car decorated for their wedding by their kids.

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