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Daniel Craig Answers Bond Questions From Fans and Filmmakers

Daniel Craig has played the titular role of James Bond since 2006 with Casino Royale continuing through the next decade in a half starring in Quantum of Solace in 2008, 2012’s Skyfall, and Spectre in 2015. Now, Craig is officially hanging up the gadgets and is stepping away from the series with the recently released No Time to Die.

During the press junket for the film, The Guardian had the chance to sit down with Craig, and ask him a series of questions from both their readers as well as his colleagues in the film industry. Craig discussed the times he was pelted with fruit on stage, where he would choose to live free of all other restraints, and what his favorite form of art is.

When Jamie Lee Curtis asked what the biggest departure for Craig would be post-Bond, a musical or becoming a mime, Craig answered:

“Perhaps both! In some sort of weird musical-mime show with Jamie. I don’t know. I’m very fortunate to have been given Benoit Blanc [in Knives Out] to play with. I can’t quite believe I’m James Bond; I can’t quite believe I’m Benoit Blanc, but it’s true.”


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Actress Anne Reid asked if Craig regrets playing any role, and while he played coy, the Bond actor did respond:

“Not with you, Anne, that’s for sure. But yes. I don’t want to say which movie, because that’s not fair. I used to walk into Blockbuster – which shows you how old it is – and it would be on the shelves, maybe even not the DVD but the VHS. I’d grab it and throw it under the counter. I know it was only a small protest – it was only my Blockbuster – but it was some way of my never seeing that movie again. But I’ve never really desperately regretted anything. I think once you commit to something you go: this is it, it is what it is, good or bad.”

Craig’s co-star from Knives Out, Toni Collette asked if he has a favorite art form, to which Craig responded:

“Gosh. I love all art forms. I love a good show. I love being taken somewhere and I love being fooled. I love to cry, I love to laugh. When art does that – and it does, very often, do that to me – I’m moved. It can be music, it can be anything; it can be a commercial on the TV if it’s the right one. There was a great British Gas one a couple of years ago that was just this family having a bath. When I watched that I was like: ‘Oh my God, it’s so moving.’ Maybe because I missed England.”

Speaking of Knives Out, director Rian Johnson also had a question, which he says he asks anyone who came up doing theater: “what is the worst experience you’ve ever had while performing on stage?” Craig’s answer was a real horror story.

“Being bombarded with Opal Fruits [AKA Starbursts] at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House when I must have been around 16 or 17. We’d do three afternoon matinees a week and it was just school buses of kids who were not into seeing Romeo and Juliet. They had bags of Opal Fruits and they’d just throw them constantly on to the stage. Eventually I just got so weary of it I started eating them, which got a round of applause.”

From No Time to Die co-star Naomie Harris, Craig also answered where in the world he’d choose to live now that he has no restraints, and what he’d choose to do with his life:

“I’d like to be at sea. I’m terrified of the ocean. It’s a fearful place, but also just unimaginably beautiful as well. If I had a choice I would do something where you had to go and be challenged by it. A lifeboatman? I always had a fantasy of taking a boat across the Atlantic, but I didn’t really see myself on cruise liners. You can actually do it on cargo ships, I think, as a captain’s guest. That is very appealing. To have no light pollution, underneath a canopy of stars, would be spectacular.”

To read Craig’s answers the entire list of questions including from the likes of Finn Wittrock, Samantha Morton, and David Morrissey, the entire article by The Guardian is linked here.

Craig stars in his fifth and final film outing as the iconic Mr. Bond in No Time to Die, which comes to U.S. theaters on October 8. Watch the official trailer for the new James Bond film down below:

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