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Deathloop Patch Partially Fixes Stuttering Glitch On PC

Arkane Studios released a patch for Deathloop that partially fixes the stuttering glitch on PC, which has been at the center of bad Steam reviews.

After Arkane Studios’ Deathloop was marred with bad reviews on Steam, the developer released a patch that partially fixes the infamous stuttering glitch on PC. The first-person action-adventure game was highly anticipated not only because it was developed by the renowned Arkane Studios but because of its unique time loop elements. The game is a PS5 and PC timed exclusive with the Xbox release pegged for 2022. Still, it has risen to critical success in a short amount of time, despite a deluge of glitches.

While critics love the game, Deathloop has received “Mixed reviews” on Steam by frustrated players. Its stuttering issues have made traversing the island of Blackreef extremely difficult, especially when fast-paced action is necessary to beat the game. Deathloop players have experienced stuttering with all kinds of PCs, too, whether on the low end or the high end of the performance spectrum. Many gamers attribute the issue to the game’s Denuvo anti-piracy software, though it hasn’t been confirmed by Bethesda or the developers to be the cause. Denuvo has negatively affected the performance of other games, though, which gives people reason to believe it’s the culprit.

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According to an update on the Deathloop Steam page, the developers have addressed the PC stuttering glitch in a brand new patch. The hotfix partially fixes the stuttering players experience with mouse-based camera movements. The fast motion can result in the appearance of a stutter, which the hotfix is intended to solve. Arkane also included a note explaining that the developers are looking into a separate “related issue” that may be a factor in causing stuttering at high framerates. Arkane Studios will continue to look into solutions and will be updating players as the dev team learns more.

Arkane Studios addresses Deathloop's stuttering issue in new patch - only a partial fix.

The Deathloop developer did not mention Denuvo as a potential factor in the stuttering issue, but it’s possible that this is the separate but related problem mentioned in the update. While it’s certainly plausible that the game’s anti-piracy software is causing the choppy visuals, there are plenty of other reasons the game could be stuttering. Until the developer properly investigates the issue, PC players will have to cope with the limited fix introduced in the latest patch.

The stuttering issue is especially egregious because Deathloop is heavily reliant on fast-paced combat and traversal. When players experience stuttering while turning from one enemy to the next, it could greatly influence their ability to land a successful hit. Even though Deathloop does not have a time limit, there are still some steep consequences for falling in battle, and an accidental demise due to technical issues is a very unsatisfying way to end a run. Hopefully, the hotfix is enough for most players, at least to hold them over long enough for Arkane Studios to find a permanent solution.

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Deathloop is now available on PS5 and PC.

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