April 14, 2024


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Deathloop PC update should fix camera stuttering

Deathloop is getting praise from just about everyone who plays it, but the PC version has a few problems. The worst of these is a camera stutter that happens just about every time players move their mouse. It’s an extremely frustrating issue, but one that Arkane hopes to have fixed with a new patch released on Tuesday.

According to the patch notes that Arkane released with the new update, Tuesday’s hotfix aims to address issues that PC players have had where “mouse-based camera movements could result in the appearance of ‘stutter.’” That’s a lot of qualifiers to parse, but it seems like Arkane is saying that these aren’t actually frame rate stutters, they just have the “appearance” of them. Whatever the problem was, hopefully this patch makes it feel a little better.

While the camera problem might be solved, it isn’t the only problem with Deathloop’s PC port. Arkane also explains in the patch notes that it’s looking into other problems as well. For instance, when you play Deathloop at an extremely high frame rate, the game also encounters a stutter. In our experience the game became nearly unplayable at 240 fps thanks to this issue, but it was fine when locked at 140 fps. In Tuesday’s patch notes, Arkane said that it thinks it’s identified the problem and will update players when it has more information.

Even if there are still a few problems, the good news is Arkane seems to be working on them and trying to make the PC port as smooth as possible for players.

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