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Deathloop’s PC Stuttering Issue Is Being Investigated, Says Arkane

Deathloop’s performance issues on PC, specifically those involving stuttering, are now being investigated by developer Arkane Studios.

Following reports of ongoing stuttering with Deathloop‘s PC version, developer Arkane recently issued a statement saying the team is investigating the problem. While Deathloop reviewed well ahead of launch, mixed reception has since overtaken the game’s dedicated Steam page due to the aforementioned stuttering troubles.

Players were quick to cite Denuvo’s controversial anti-piracy solution as a reason for the performance hiccups on Deathloop’s PC iteration. Digital Foundry’s Alex Battaglia, however, argues Denuvo is not the culprit. Apparently, frame pacing can’t take the blame, either. In responses to Twitter questions, Battaglia said the microstuttering may be caused by “camera movement with a mouse at anything but 60fps.” Different issues crop up depending on the framerate, then; thus, running the shooter at 120fps results in “camera stops” on every thirteenth or fourteenth frame, he explained. Fortunately, the crew at Arkane Lyon is on the case.

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In response to a Reddit post jokingly blaming highly-detailed hamburgers for the PC stuttering, Arkane Community Manager and Reddit user MortalEmperor acknowledged the performance hiccups. The developer then went on to promise that Arkane is “actively investigating the issue right now as a priority.” Players can expect to receive an update on the matter as soon as one becomes readily available. MortalEmperor issued the statement nearly 24 hours ago at the time of writing; no further details have gone live, though.

characters Julianna Blake and Colt Vahn fighting with guns in the poster for Deathloop

Alex Battaglia’s explanation seems the most logical. Since Arkane has yet to release the results of its findings, what specifically causes the ongoing PC errors remains somewhat up in the air. Hopefully, the studio will soon roll out a permanent fix for the problem.

Another of Arkane’s inventive first-person shooters, Deathloop stars Colt Vahn, an assassin who finds himself trapped in a time loop on the fictional island of Blackreef. After learning about the misfortune that’s befallen him, Colt works tirelessly to escape the time loop, a task that proves trying at best and incredibly difficult at worst. In true Arkane style, the main character has a whole host of noteworthy tools at his disposal, including silent weapons, transforming shotguns, and several must-try special abilities. All should come in handy while contending with Colt’s unique set of circumstances.

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Deathloop is available to play now on PC and PlayStation 5.

Source: MortalEmperor/Reddit via Eurogamer

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