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Dental Experts Share Their Top Tips

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While brushing our teeth is a regular part of our daily routine, there’s actually more on how to take real good care of your teeth. As parents, there are various things we have to manage and be concerned about, especially regarding our kids. But we should also give time for ourselves to practice good oral health. 

According to a survey conducted by the Singapore Dental Association (SDA), nearly 9 in 10 Singaporeans are concerned about the cost of dental care locally. Because of this, nearly a fifth of the 1,438 respondents has not visited a dentist for the past three years. This is concerning as the average recommendation is to go at least twice a year.

To be better informed about proper ways to take good care of teeth, theAsianparent spoke to Zenyum, Singapore’s most popular dental startup, to get some expert tips and advice. 

How To Take Good Care Of Your Teeth As A Parent

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how to take good care of your teeth

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Even as adults, it’s never too late for parents to achieve their “smile goals.” Which is why Zenyum recommends that you don’t skip any dental appointments. 

They suggest to take the time to learn how to take good care of your teeth through such visits and approach your dentist should you have any concerns.

5 Main Reasons Why Practicing Good Oral Health Is Important

a woman brushing her teeth: how to take good care of your teeth

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how to take good care of your teeth

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Parents can pass on good oral care habits to their kids by practising them regularly as well. But, of course, it’s also important that you know how to take good care of your own teeth too. Zenyum shares the following reasons why you should practice good dental hygiene:

1. Starting The Day Right

Most of us parents start our day off pretty early, having to manage our kids, household chores and work. To start the day off right, you can cross off brushing and flossing your teeth first so you can face the rest of the day with a big sparkly smile. 

2. Good Gut Health

Oral health has a direct effect on our gut health. As studies have shown a correlation between oral health and the daily happiness of a person, you can have a more joyful day with more healthy microbiomes when you brush and floss. This means with good dental hygiene comes a happier and healthier you! 

3. Valuable “Me-Time”

Practising good oral care can also be a valuable me-time for parents, whether in the morning or at the end of their day. You can even brush your teeth while listening to music or podcasts.

To have the ultimate me-time ritual, you might as well invest in quality oral care essentials such as the ZenyumSonic brush or ZenyumFresh Floss. 

4. Rare Moments Of Peace

Even just a few minutes of peace would be appreciated by any busy mum and dad. With the dentist-recommended time of two minutes, you can enjoy such rare moments of peace no matter how short.

With this, Zenyum recommends the ZenyumSonic toothbrush since it has its own built-in timer that could come in handy just for this reason.

5. Ending The Day On A Positive Note

As brushing your teeth can count as self-care, it’s the perfect way to end a long day. Plus, who wouldn’t want feeling fresh just before bed? 

By investing in your dental hygiene, you’re not only learning how to take good care of your teeth but of yourself as well. Since it’s something you do at the start and end of your day, you get to be reminded “that you matter” that you should prioritise your own needs as well even as a parent.

How To Be Good Role Models Of Good Dental Hygiene For Your Kids

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When asked how parents can be role models of dental hygiene for their children so they could develop good oral care habits themselves, Zenyum shares the following tips:

  • Practice good oral care habits

It is crucial for parents to cultivate these habits themselves so that they could appreciate all the benefits. 

When you regularly practice dental care yourself where your kids can see, then they would naturally do the same as children do when they imitate their parents.

Another way to get kids to take good care of their little teeth is to make the routine fun. Zenyum suggests playing music in the background while brushing your teeth or making fun facial expressions to each other and in the mirror. 

This could get your little one to associate dental care as something that’s enjoyable!

  • Reward your child after brush time

You can also reward your kids for brushing their teeth and as such giving them unsweetened nuts in the morning that help to suppress growth of bacteria.

You can also reward them by playing with them just before their bedtime like having a short pillow fight. 

Food To Avoid vs Food For Stronger Teeth

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We also asked the company about food they would recommend children to avoid as well as what they should eat to have a stronger dental structure. See below what they’ve advised to know what you and the kids should be snacking on for good oral care!

Food To Avoid:

This includes soft bread and potato chips as these can easily get trapped between our teeth. These remnants can lead to teeth decay if not brushed properly.

Bad news for those with a sweet tooth as these snacks are high in refined sugars, which would only feed the bacteria inside your oral cavity. 

Since these are also loaded with sugar, most of them contain citric acid and carbonic acid that could wear away your tooth enamel which would then lead to teeth decay.

Food such as dried jerky and dried fruits can dry up your mouth which could be bad since saliva is our first defence against oral health issues. Having a dehydrated mouth only makes your teeth more prone to cavities. 

Food To Help Maintain Strong Dental Structure:

Consuming yoghurts and milk can both be beneficial in producing saliva to further protect your teeth. Since they are also high in calcium and protein, they can also help in strengthening them. 

You can’t go wrong with some healthy vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli. As you may already know, these are full of vitamins and minerals which can help to produce saliva to clean your mouth as well as keep your enamel healthy. 

So go ahead and add leafy greens to your daily meals for the whole family like salads and smoothies.

Fruits such as apples, carrots and celery should also be your go to! Not only are they a much healthier alternative to sugary treats but apples are full of fibre and provide hydration.

Meanwhile, carrots and celery are also rich sources of fibres, vitamin A and C.

Talking Braces: Am I Too Old To Have Braces?

a woman brushing her teeth: how to take good care of your teeth

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how to take good care of your teeth

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Among adults, it is a common misconception that it may be a little too late to have braces. But Zenyum says there is actually no age limit to getting braces. The oldest customer they have is even 70-years-old!

In fact, there has been a rise in adult braces users over the past few years. So if you’ve been considering having your teeth straightened, then your age is the least of your worries. What you do need to be concerned about is your current dental conditions. 

If you are interested to have braces, make sure that you get the full oral check-up from a licensed dentist. To know what to expect in such consultations, Zenyum’s check-ups usually include the following:

  • Free online pre-assessment where you answer simple questions and submit hi-res photos of your teeth
  • When dentists assess your teeth as suitable for braces, you will be contacted to book a full oral examination
  • You will then be examined to eliminate the possibility of gum diseases
  • Dentists will also use x-rays to ensure your bone level is healthy and will be able to withstand the consistent force of aligners


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