September 30, 2023


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Digital Rights for Digital Consumers

Digital consumer rights

The use of electronic technological know-how in our everyday everyday living has been the most crucial issue at present time.

Digitization of authorities and personal products and services has come to be virtually required. It will help to make financial transactions, instruction, wellbeing care, and federal government providers additional technologically helpful and available for all.

On the other hand, as the amount of digital subscribers grows, electronic shopper rights are getting an addressable subject matter of the worldwide dialogue.

Customer Legal rights Day is also celebrated in Nepal through a selection of situations. On Consumer’s Rights Day 2022, Nepal Telecommunication Authority(NTA) organized a method for electronic consumers.

At the function, a panel dialogue on “Fair Digital Consumer Legal rights for Electronic Transformation” was conducted. In the course of the panel discussion, the speakers talked about buyer rights and their protection. In the same way, electronic purchaser literacy and refinement of essential insurance policies and laws were also talked about subjects.

The Nepalese structure contains 44 purchaser legal rights, and the Consumer Protection Act of 2075 is made up of 9 rights problems. Out of it, data security and details security are significant consumer legal rights issues right now.

On the Panel dialogue, the good quality and buyer safety hole in Nepal was talked about. In the exact same way, the advancement of outdated guidelines and harmful levels of competition between world-wide-web support companies in terms of pace was also talked about.

Ganesh Shah, the former Minister of Science and Engineering, and Prem Kumar  Shrestha, the Director-General of Commerce, Materials, and Consumer Safety, spoke on the program as attendees. About a hundred individuals attended the celebration, like representatives from the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Huawei, and Nepal Clearing House Ltd (NCHL).