September 27, 2023


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Display maker BOE showcases world

Display maker BOE showcases world’s first 600Hz gaming laptop

What just occurred? At the Earth Exhibit Field Convention in China, display maker BOE showed off a variety of new solutions the company is working on, which include a 16-inch notebook exhibit with a 600Hz max refresh rate. Particulars on it are alternatively scarce at the minute, with BOE not disclosing the variety of Lcd panel employed (TN, IPS, or VA) or its resolution.

BOE’s new panel has a greater refresh price than any buyer exhibit on the marketplace suitable now. Earlier this yr, Alienware disclosed a few of new gaming laptops with 480Hz displays, while a lot of other notebooks major out at “just” 360Hz. As considerably as displays go, Asus and Nvidia disclosed a model capable of reaching 500Hz at Computex, but it appears to be that it is really nonetheless not out there to acquire.

The company demoed the 600Hz panel in an unnamed notebook outfitted with an AMD Ryzen processor and an Nvidia RTX GPU (judging by the stickers on it). The monitor is obviously aimed at fans who love competitive games, this sort of as CS:GO, Valorant, and Overwatch 2.

Coincidentally, the latter experienced its frame cap elevated to 600fps a couple months back. Up coming-gen cell GPUs really should also make it less difficult to attain this sort of higher framerates, primarily if customers will not mind lowering the graphical settings.

It remains to be witnessed if the pixel reaction occasions will keep up with these types of a large refresh price and, much more importantly, if users can even detect the advancement. Doubling the screen’s refresh charge from 60Hz to 120Hz would make a enormous variation as you are cutting the time concerning displayed frames by about 8.3ms. Even so, going from 300Hz (3.3ms/frame) to 600Hz (1.6ms/frame) will only web you a 1.6ms improvement, about five occasions much less, evidently building it a case of diminishing returns.

BOE showed off a few additional intriguing displays at the exact event, including an 86-inch Mini LED Tv set panel with a max brightness of 1,500 nits and 2,000 dimming zones. Foldable OLED panels also produced an visual appearance, which include a 17-inch display screen some Asus notebooks now use, a panel that can fold the two methods, and a Z-shaped tri-fold screen.

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