April 22, 2024


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Don’t buy ANY iPhone in December as experts issue urgent warning

SMARTPHONE experts are warning anyone thinking of buying an iPhone for Christmas to think again.

According to recent research, iPhone prices are set to decline in 2022.

A recent study has claimed iPhone prices are set to drop after December


A recent study has claimed iPhone prices are set to drop after DecemberCredit: Alamy

This means you could get a better deal if you’re patient and don’t buy an iPhone as a present.

The research was conducted by phone experts at Repair Outlet.

They compared the average price of iPhones over time and the percentage at which this changed to the percentage at which other essentials such as rent and annual earning were fluctuating.

Tom Peet, Director of Repair Outlet, explained: “Given the research that we’ve collected, it seems likely that iPhone has reached its glass ceiling in terms of RRP.

“Our findings suggest that 2022 will see a price decline for Apple iPhones, or at the very least, a better model for the same price.

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“We want to encourage individuals to be patient and see what Apple releases next year, because we’re confident that shoppers will get a lot more bang for their buck that way.

“The research shows that nearly 12,5000 present-hunting individuals are willing to stretch beyond their financial means to gift a loved one an iPhone this Christmas.

“And whilst there is a lot of pressure surrounding the festive period, we want to warn people against spending more than they can afford to or need to on an iPhone that is likely to quickly lose its value.”

Since 2019, the average price of an iPhone is said to have decreased even though iPhone tech has advanced.

Apple’s devices are still some of the most expensive on the market and the researchers haven’t revealed what they expect iPhone prices to drop to.

Their general advice is that if you can live without the iPhone 13 this Christmas, then you may get a better iPhone for cheaper during the next festive season.

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