September 24, 2023


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Elden Ring Bans Gotham Knights Dev From Co-Op After Repeat PC Crashes

As complaints about Elden Ring’s PC performance continue to roll in, Gotham Knights developer Mitch Dyer claims to have gotten banned due to crashes.

Gotham Knights developer Mitch Dyer recently claimed that he was banned from Elden Ring‘s multiplayer component as a result of repeated crashes on PC. Despite becoming 2022’s best-selling game, Elden Ring’s PC version has reportedly been plagued by a number of optimization and server problems.

Although Elden Ring is a single-player experience first and foremost, it does include some multiplayer features. The side of multiplayer that most will first become familiar with is the messaging system, which allows players to leave notes throughout the world for others to find, although the process of writing these notes is purposefully restrictive. The other side of multiplayer is the co-op and PvP summoning systems, which can serve as helpful or hindering inclusions once they are active. A lot of PC players have been barred from experiencing these systems in a holistic and consistent way as a result of problems with optimization and the game’s servers – the latter of which also plagued Xbox Elden Ring players at launch.


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Elden Ring has been out for a few weeks now, but it doesn’t seem like its issues on PC have been completely resolved. A tweet from Gotham Knights developer Mitch Dyer states explains that his account was banned from playing online due to repeated disconnections. Dyer goes on to state that, due to poor optimization, the game crashes “3x a day“. Dyer concludes that the “game runs so badly [he] gets banned. Incredible.“.

Dyer is not the first from the games industry to voice dissatisfaction over FromSoftware’s latest title. Shortly after its release, developers from studios like Guerilla Games and Ubisoft took to Twitter to criticize Elden Ring for things like its UI and quest design. Because Elden Ring is so popular, there are many who would attribute these complaints, along with Dyer’s, to mere jealousy.

Despite the fact that other developers may be insecure or jealous over Elden Ring‘s success, in this case, the criticism seems to be warranted. Dyer is far from the only person claiming that Elden Ring‘s PC version is lackluster (Santa Monica Studio’s Alanah Pierce concurred with him in a reply to his tweet), so players should be sure to hold FromSoftware and BANDAI NAMCO accountable, even those who love the game. Gamers can be quick to criticize and call out major gaming companies for releasing glitchy or unstable content, so it’s fair to levy such criticisms at Elden Ring, beloved though it may be.

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Source: Mitch Dyer/Twitter

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