April 22, 2024


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Enjoy Spotify Streaming On Delta Flights This Holiday Season

Spotify and Delta are allowing travelers to stream music and podcasts directly on their own devices during flights for free, but only for a few weeks.

Delta and Spotify have teamed up to enable access to the latter’s music and podcast library directly on a phone, tablet, or computer during flights over the holiday season. While the two companies previously rolled out the ability to stream Spotify via the in-flight entertainment system, not everyone wants to use the onboard system when flying.

With Apple Music a distant second, Spotify is the largest music streaming platform around, and offers everything from music to original podcasts through its various apps. The company also recently renewed its interest in audiobooks, seemingly as part of its grander ambitions to eventually become a one-stop shop for all things audio.


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For those planning to travel during the festive season, Spotify and Delta are making it easier to enjoy a great listening experience during the flight. Announced on Twitter, Delta confirmed that travelers are able to board a flight, connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi, and stream Spotify directly on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other personal device. Delta says users will be able to use Spotify on their own devices through January 19, 2022, although the feature is only available on Viasat-equipped flights.

Streaming Spotify Over The Air

Previously, Delta travelers could only listen to Spotify through the in-flight entertainment system, in most cases, this also likely meant connecting wired headphones. With the popularity of wireless earbuds and headphones, there’s likely to be a decreasing number of users carrying around headphones that can be plugged in to the onboard system. Not to mention, the IFE version of Spotify relies heavily on flight-related user-generated playlists, which is very different to logging in and accessing a subscriber’s own playlists and content. While a limited-time feature, it is a good way to listen to Spotify without having to download content beforehand. In fact, the setup is similar to how Apple Music and American Airlines work, with the two companies allowing users to stream Apple Music during flight on a personal device without having to pay for the in-flight Wi-Fi.

Whether Delta and Spotify decide to offer the same support on a more permanent basis in the future, remains to be see. The IFE solution was only recently rolled out and so it is likely that will remain the main way to access Spotify on Delta flights, at least in the short term. Of course, in-flight Wi-Fi connections are not always the most reliable or consistent and especially when it comes to streaming Spotify and other services, making the IFE a good alternative.

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Source: Delta/Twitter

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