June 24, 2024


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Everything to know about Sony buying Bungie, the maker of Destiny

Bungie is set on a new journey as Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that it’s acquiring Bungie for $3.6 billion.

Not only does Bungie have a new home, but it’ll likely have a bigger budget to work with in the future. The fact that Bungie will have more room to work its creative magic is excellent news for the fans, but you may rightfully be concerned about what will happen to the Destiny franchise. Bungie is also Halo’s original creator and the developer signed off its rights when it joined Microsoft’s ranks in 2000, making fans wonder whether anything similar can happen to the Destiny series.

Bungie must have learned its lesson as it released a thorough blog that answers all the questions Destiny fans may have.

Destiny 2 won’t become a PlayStation exclusive. PlayStation may be known for its exclusive titles, but considering Bungie built its audience on multiple platforms, it’s looking to keep it that way.

Both Sony’s and Bungie’s CEOs said their vision included keeping Destiny 2 as a multi-platform game and allowing players to enjoy every piece of content it has to offer with full cross-play compatibility.

Will anything change for Destiny 2 players on other platforms?

If you’re playing Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox, or Google Stadia, this merger won’t affect your experience. Bungie isn’t looking to make any changes to its existing plans, and it’ll continue to act as an independent studio since it remains in full control when it comes to publishing and creative decisions.

Will future Bungie games be PlayStation exclusives?

At the time of writing, Bungie has no plans of producing PlayStation-exclusive titles. Bungie wants the worlds it creates to be accessible to players from all platforms and doesn’t want to introduce a barrier of entry to its future games.

What happens if PlayStation Studios decides to co-produce a game with Bungie?

Bungie’s statement means that no brainchild of the developer will be an exclusive title on any platform. The tables may turn if PlayStation Studios decides to co-develop a game with Bungie, though. 

If PlayStation Studios were to approach Bungie with a game idea and ask them to become the developer of the project, Bungie could set its own terms, but there’s also a chance of that title becoming a PlayStation exclusive. This is just a theory, however, and Bungie was quite clear that it had no plans of producing exclusive platform content on its own.

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