June 19, 2024


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Facing phone battery issues frequently? Know how to boost phone battery

Smartphones are miniature supercomputers now! In fact smartphones are now equipped with almost all the necessities that anyone requires that will probably put the supercomputers of a couple of generations ago to shame. But the cost to be paid for these massive new features on handsets is that they make the phone battery drain fast. With the advancement in technology, the latest processors, bright screen display, and faster internet, your phone battery has to deal with a lot. If you are facing phone battery issues, then this is not just due to your increased screen time usage but also of things working in the background! In fact, a number of factors are behind the phone battery draining fast issue. Though the company packs the smartphone with increasingly powerful batteries to cope with the energy problem, problems do occur. Wondering what these are? Here are the mistakes that you should avoid making on your Android or iPhone- know how to boost phone battery life.

Tips to boost your phone battery life

Close battery-eating apps

Many popular apps, especially those with a lot of graphics or audio, are terrible battery eaters. Especially video games with free versions which show ads. The best is to close your apps instead of just minimising them. Apps running in the background can drain your phone battery.

Use of Wi-Fi

The habit of keeping the Wi-Fi connection on all the time can drain your smartphone battery a lot. While connecting to the nearest Wi-Fi connection can surely save data, but it can also drain your battery. Use Wi-Fi only when you need it.

Push notifications on? Reduce them

No doubt, getting instant push notifications from several apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or news websites can be a great help. But your phone battery pays the price for this. You can turn off the push notifications for the unnecessary apps to reduce the strain on your battery. The simple way to do this on an Android smartphone is to push and hold on to an app icon, which will provide you several options including ‘App info’. Under this, you will see the Notifications option, which you can turn on and off.

Your phone must be overworking! Balance it out

If you’re just browsing the web, you don’t need the processor to be working at maximum speed all of the time. If it does, that means your phone is overworking. You can control it though. Just go to the Battery options, select Enhanced processing, and turn this off. You need this when you are using the smartphone for high graphic purposes such as playing games or editing.

Power Saving Mode is here to help you

Every smartphone is equipped with this feature. But do you use it frequently? If not, then it is here to help you reduce your phone battery drain. Just switch it on and the battery-saving mode will cut down all the functions which eat your battery. This can be really helpful in cases when you are running out of battery and there is no charging option available. However, you should know that this option can even end up in delaying messages sent to you from reaching your phone.

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