January 25, 2022

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Fallout New Vegas-Themed PC Looks Like It Came From The Wasteland

A talented PC builder on Reddit has recently graced Fallout fans with images of a custom PC themed after New Vegas, complete with props from the game.

Fans of aesthetically pleasing PC builds are sure to get a kick out of a recent computer themed after the hit RPG Fallout: New Vegas. This custom creation is just one of many unique PC kits shared online, with a recent notable example being a colorful Pokémon-inspired desktop.

Often considered the best in the franchise, Fallout: New Vegas has no shortage of love and praise from RPG fans. As the only modern Fallout game developed by a studio other than Bethesda, New Vegas offers up a unique tone and general gameplay template that resonated with countless players. The game takes place in the unique setting of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, complete with a lush and opulent rendition of the iconic Strip. The franchise’s signature anachronistic aesthetic shines through brighter than ever in New Vegas, albeit with a slightly more dry and dusty feel, which fits well with the game’s desert backdrop. For these reasons and many more, the game has retained a passionate fanbase more than a decade after its release. Todd Howard himself continues to praise Obsidian Entertainment for its work on the game– a testament to just how respected the title is.


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The game’s stunning, signature iconography appears to have inspired Redditor 1YardLoss to craft a fully functional New Vegas-themed gaming PC. Fans of the 2011 release are sure to recognize many of 1YardLoss’s additions, including a print of the New California Republic’s flag, a bottle of Sunset Sasparilla, and a case of MenTats. The PC also features a replica of a Stimpak, further adding to the sense of authenticity.

Fallout New Vegas Computer PC

If the denizens of Fallout‘s post-apocalyptic wasteland were PC gamers, their hardware would no doubt look something like this. 1YardLoss’s commitment and attention make this themed PC a cut above most, and its tasteful use of lighting and decorative accents might remind some gamers of the Resident Evil-themed PC (also crafted by 1YardLoss) that recently appeared on Reddit. The Fallout PC probably functions pretty well too, as the shared images display good cable management and a solid cooling setup that looks to provide plenty of airflow.

While plenty of gamers prefer more minimal appearances when it comes to their PCs, it’s hard not to appreciate 1YardLoss’s incredible artistic and technical ability. This isn’t the first Fallout PC build that 1YardLoss has constructed, and it will hopefully not be the last. This impressive creation might even inspire other fans to put together their own Fallout: New Vegas-themed setups.

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Source: 1YardLoss/Reddit

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