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FF7 Remake On PC May Be Real After Leak Partially Confirmed

A seeming confirmation about previously leaked details indicates that Final Fantasy 7 Remake may indeed make its way to PC via the Epic Games Store.

Seemingly confirmed details about a previous leak suggests Final Fantasy VII Remake may soon migrate to the Epic Games Store on PC. In mid-June, data trackers found references to FF7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered in the Epic Games Store database. Given Epic’s recent partnerships with Final Fantasy’s Square Enix and Alan Wake’s Remedy Entertainment, such news made all the sense in the world, though no other official details corroborated the leaks.

Over this past weekend, however, the Alan Wake Remastered data entry did receive a bit more credence, thanks to listings on retailer Rakuten Taiwan’s website. According to said listings, the much-coveted remaster will come to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles early next month on October 5. And a post from Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad claims Remedy plans to formally announce the Alan Wake re-release sometime this week. (Naturally, Ahmad’s comment leaves many to believe the news will go lie during PlayStation’s September 9 showcase.)

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In connecting the dots, VGC noted this apparent confirmation of Alan Wake Remastered may very well serve as partial evidence that Final Fantasy VII Remake will hit PC via Epic Games Store. The two titles were featured together in the aforementioned EGS database listing, so who’s to say port details for FF7 Remake on PC aren’t on the horizon? Unfortunately, fans will have to play the waiting game until Epic Games and Square Enix formally confirm the news themselves.

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PlayStation’s one-year exclusivity deal for Final Fantasy VII Remake should have expired several months ago in early April. However, PS5’s six months of exclusivity for the remake’s Intergrade DLC implies the hit title may not migrate to other platforms until the end of this year or the start of 2022. But without concrete information from Square Enix, all of the above is little more than speculative.

Perhaps the publisher will clarify future plans in the coming weeks during its presence at Tokyo Game Show 2021, which kicks off on Thursday, September 30. A 50-minute Square Enix Presents showcase will air during the event on October 1 at 6:00 AM ET; apparently, viewers can look forward to updates about forthcoming titles and “pre-announced information.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now on PS4 and PS5; release details for PC and other platforms presently remain under wraps.

Source: VGC

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