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Final Fantasy Origin Takes To Beat

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin might be a retelling of the original Final Fantasy, but does that mean it’s as long as a retro JRPG?

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox systems, but how long does it take to finish the game? Stranger of Paradise reimagines FF1 as an action RPG, which means that many of its story elements are shortened or outright changed, in order to fit the new gameplay style. So, is it as long as a retro JRPG?

Stranger of Paradise was originally thought of as a Soulslike game, but it’s closer to the Nioh series in terms of gameplay. The game is extremely forgiving when it comes to character deaths, with players only being sent back to a nearby checkpoint upon a loss. The player also has party members who can distract the enemy, kind of like the partner animals in the Monster Hunter series, giving them some much-needed breathing room during the boss battles.


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What makes it so difficult to determine the length of Stranger of Paradise is its difficulty settings. Elden Ring might lack difficulty options, but Stranger of Paradise welcomes players to try the easier modes and still gives achievements when using these options. A person playing on the Story Mode will quickly finish the game, while someone playing on Hard Mode will take more time to finish the quests. Stranger of Paradise has been out for several days now and fans have worked out the average time for finishing the game.

How Long Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Is

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Chimera Battle

According to How Long To BeatStranger of Paradise takes around 17 hours to finish the main story, 21 hours to finish the main story and side quests, and 26 hours to finish everything. The second figure will be the closest for most people, as the side quests contain a lot of content that players will want to finish so that they have more options in the main story. Stranger of Paradise‘s Smithy for upgrading weapons is improved by completing side quests, and the strongest jobs for the party members are also unlocked through beating optional bosses.

Stranger of Paradise doesn’t have much in the way of post-game content, though there is a CHAOS difficulty that is unlocked once the story is finished. The player needs to complete the game on this difficulty to unlock one of the achievements, though it seems to be glitchy as of the time of writing. It seems likely that the Season Pass will flesh out the post-game, especially as Warmech (the superboss of FF1) is missing from the game. It’s likely that the DLC for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will add Gilgamesh from FF5 as a superboss, and defeating him will add a few hours to the runtime.

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